Mid-Week DC


This is what my new growth looks like 12weeks post relaxer. I commenced on Sunday with inversion. I start by boiling water in an electric kettle & once the switch indicates it’s hot, I pour out into a cup and immerse my Roots Only Applicator Bottle for some few minutes till it’s warm and I bring it out.

20130706-153649.jpgMy mix consists of Rosemary Oil, Jojoba Oil & JBCO as I want a darker shade of hair (over the past few months with consistent use of Rosemary Oil, my hair has grown darker). I divide my hair into 4sections and braid before applying the warm oil to my roots. I massage and proceed to lie down on my bed while ensuring my head is hanging out by the edge. I set the timer on my phone for 4minutes and that’s it for inversion. I’m on day 3.

Today I plan to deep condition overnight once I’m done with inversion. I will mix a spoon of Silk Amino Acid (using Chi Silk Infusion) with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner & apply to my ends alone to protect my ends with protein while I apply the moisturizing conditioner to the roots and mid-length.

This ensures my hair remains moisturised for the week. My younger sister will be posting a video of her bantu knot tutorial over the weekend as it’s become such a huge hit with her colleagues at the office.


Readers’ Q&A

20131020-142918.jpgQ: What should my dilution ratio be when using Peppermint/Rosemary Oil?

A: It is important to note that essential oils are potent and it is advisable to use them in small quantities. I often advise ladies who have purchased these oils to obtain an empty plastic bottle; pour 3 capful of Peppermint/Rosemary Oil & also pour in 1/2 a bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Shake the bottle and leave it in the darkest part of your cupboard for a week so the oils can blend together before you commence usage.

To other news, I will like to thank and appreciate all the ladies who participated in the Import Window – African Edition. I am humbled at the trust you have all displayed without meeting or knowing me personally. Your orders have shipped out and tracking numbers have been sent to all the ladies to personally track their shipments. I am tracking as well….you need to see how excited the ladies were once they were able to track their shipments. I share that joy as well and can’t wait to see your pictures once the items arrive.

Thank you & enjoy your weekend.

Why You Need To Clarify

paul mitchell skinny shampooIf you have observed that your hair is weighed down, not responding to treatments, extra greasy or it’s not just behaving, then it’s time to whip out your clarifying shampoo.Product build up is a common occurrence due to the kind of products we use on our hair. Deep conditioners, moisturizers, carrier oils  can leave product deposit on our hair over time. This build up can cause your hair to be greasy, dull, heavy, limp and non-responsive. What a clarifying shampoo does is to remove this deposit giving your hair the fresh start it deserves.

How often should you clarify?

If you use a lot of hair products like hairspray, hair gels e.t.c you might need to clarify on a weekly basis but if you are not heavy handed with the hair products you use, then you can restrict use to once a month.

How do you clarify?

Start with a quarter sized amount of clarifying shampoo and work it into your scalp with  a light massage for 60 seconds. Depending on the amount of oil and product build up on your hair, it might not lather much, but that’s okay. Rinse very well. Take a smaller amount of shampoo (the longer your hair, the more you’ll need to use) and work the shampoo into your hair. You will notice lots of lather in your hair. Let the shampoo sit on your head for 2minutes (you can use that time to shave your legs cos that’s what I do). It’s important to let the shampoo sit for the recommended number of minutes to allow product build up release. Once time is up, rinse very well.

You can now proceed to use your regular deep conditioning treatment (however be generous with application) since the clarifying shampoo does not contain moisturizing elements that regular sulfate free shampoo has.

Import Window- African Edition

package import

If you reside outside Nigeria and are desirous of placing an order for products you have regularly read rave reviews about online, then this is for you. Shipping from one African country to another (with the exception of Ghana) can be darn expensive. To mitigate this, the team at Today’s Naira have gone into partnership with a preferred courier company to service our clients within other African countries.

How does this work?

At the beginning of each month once the import window is open, wherever you might reside on the continent, kindly send us the list of products you’d like to order. We will revert with the prices and payment process (this excludes shipping). Once we receive your payments, orders are placed immediately. Please note that the import window will be open for a week only to collate all orders.

How will this process save me shipping cost?

If you have a friend or someone who is also interested in placing an order for our range of products, collate your orders and send to us at sales@hairsage.com or todaysnaira@hotmail.com. Once the import window is closed, we will group all orders received from each country as a single bundle. Once this is done, we will send out an email to everyone within the list from each country and we will require you to nominate someone who can receive the products on your behalf. Now ladies, you can either decide to meet as a group at the shipment company (Think of a funky group name and send to us. We will be rewarding the group that has the most innovative and interesting name) to receive the package and unbundle within their premises or meet at a designated person’s house for tea to share your hair journey stories while you unbundle your shipment cargo (also share pictures of such meeting with us). What this means is that the cost of shipping this cargo bundle will be shared amongst each group from each country making it more affordable for you all.

What are the shipping rates looking like?

Shipping rates to African Countries
Weight (kg) Rates ($)
0kg – 0.5kg 72
0.5kg – 1kg 115
1kg – 1.5kg 115
1.5kg – 2kg 152
2.5kg – 5kg 256
5.5kg – 10kg 405

When can I place my order?

No better time to start than now. For the month of February, we will receive your  orders from the 8th of February till 14th of February 2014 and after this, we will not be able to handle more request to enable us place your orders and commence shipments right away.The first batch of shipments will arrive designated locations by 2nd week in March.

Readers’ Q&A

20131020-142918.jpgQ: How do I use JBCO on my children’s hair?

A: Depending on the regimen you have incorporated for your daughter, there are several ways you can use this product. For instance, I use it as a prepoo treatment for my niece which means first thing on Saturday morning, I divide her hair into 6 sections and apply JBCO through her hair (from end to root) and proceed to cover with a shower cap for an hour before using shampoo.

I have replaced her hair pomades with JBCO so now that she’s become more comfortable with going to the salon for her weekly cornrows, I use JBCO on her scalp and also use it to seal her ends as well.

Q: Does Jamaican Black Castor Oil have Ceramides?

A: To the best of my knowledge, no it does not. If you are searching for oils with ceramides, your best bet are Grapeseed oil and Wheat Germ Oil.

Q: How many drops of peppermint oil can I use to deep condition my hair?

A: Due to its strong potency, half a capful is okay for your deep conditioning sessions.

Q: When do I use Roux Porosity Control?

A: You can use it to coat your hair before going for a touch up; you can also use it during your weekly washes immediately after shampooing; after touching up and rinsing out the relaxer, you can also use Roux Porosity to restore your hairs’ ph balance. One other way you can use it is adding a capful to your deep conditioner.

Your Ends are Vital to Retention

hair ends2 hair endsYour ends are pretty important and if you are going to achieve any form of growth, then you need to take better care of your end. Due to the length of my hair I regularly flip it over to inspect each ends thoroughly checking for single strand knot and split ends. To a large extent adhering to consistent weekly deep conditioning; moisture and sealing has reduced split ends to the barest minimum. I only have the odd one or two.

On wash days once I’m done, I proceed to search and snip with a pair of scissors. By examining each hair strand, I have the opportunity to evaluate the progress I have made over the long term. As depicted in the pictures above, you cannot afford to toy with your ends as you don’t want to end with thin, stringy ends after all the hard work you have put in. You can see the point at which the ends are damaged (tapers off) which goes to show how important having a healthy hair regimen is. If you’re not comfortable about cutting off so much, at some point in your journey as your hair grows longer, you will have to make that decision.

Till you get to that bridge, give your ends the utmost care you can.