Wealth beyond reason

Recently, I have been inundated with news from different sources such as friends, newspaper reports and colleagues on the activities of organizations I like to refer to as “Instant wealth givers”.

The Central Bank of Nigeria had only last week posted a circulation in the daily papers, describing the activities of these so called “finance houses” as illegal and advising Nigerians to be more wary and cautious in investing with these houses.

This is my dilemma… if these finance houses are illegal, the Corporate Affairs Commission must be lagging behind in ensuring that these organizations are not given legal protection by registering them thereby endorsing them publicly.

I have been skeptical and consistently advised my family and friends to be very cautious with these money doublers because I felt they were only recycling investor’s funds. I have never met an individual who has received payment for these investments. However, everyone I have spoken to knows someone or the other who has received payments ranging from $500 – $10,000.

These finance houses have various names ranging from Penny wise, Instant Solution, Divine Solution, Wealth Solution, Treasureline, Cashseed e.t.c. One unique thing about these investment houses is that they are all resident in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

For research purposes and possible financial gains, in my mission to find out the truth, I have decided to invest $162 and receive $500 in four weeks time from Solution Point.

I will keep you posted on my result.

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