Ten Things To Do Before Resigning.

We’re all familiar with the rush and excitement in securing employment with another organization due to the following reasons:

  • Higher Salary which can be based on experience and other factors.
  • Better job role or position that will entail an individual to be a “manage others” vs. “manage self.”
  • Other benefits and social perks that come with the new position.

In our haste to leave the past behind and move on with our new employer, we often leave loose ends. The following activities must be tied up before throwing in the towel.

Pension Fund Administrators otherwise known as PFAs will need details of your new employer while informing them of your change in address since most of us receive our monthly and quarterly statements from the pension fund administrator. Earlier notification will make impending monthly remittances much easier. Imagine how embarrassing it is five months down the line and mails regarding your personal financial matters are being sent to your former employer. Tells a lot about your superb organizational skills.

Bank Statements please remember to inform either your account officer, the customer service unit at your local branch or simply fill out a change of address form and drop it indicating your new address where your monthly statements should be sent to. Your new employer also needs this detail to remit your monthly salary. This also applies to your cheque books just in case it has been exhausted.

Dividend Warrants/Annual Reports remember the purchase order forms you filled when purchasing stocks through your stockbroker or public offer, whichever the case may be. You probably filled in your employers details as the preferred mailing address. Be kind enough to pay a visit to the ”Registrar” (i.e. issuing houses that manage the various stock holdings) to furnish them with your new details. We usually find this task cumbersome due to the bureaucracy involved but doing this at least two months before resigning, will resolve the nightmares and endless trips to the Registrar to resolve issues regarding loss of dividend warrants, annual reports e.t.c.

Send a forwarding note to your friends and family informing them about your new job. Also remember to include your new phone number (if your old line was sponsored by the company) and your mail address. Do not bother the I.T. unit with mails through your old company mail account. Also send a reminder to the I.T. unit to disable your mail account before you leave.

Shred or delete every piece of delicate information regarding your former employer, which could be injurious if a third party gets hold of it. Don’t assume your new position with baggage’s from your former employer in terms of files and documents you may never need.

Medicals if your new employer will be responsible for the provision of health benefits otherwise known as HMOs. Be aware that your current medical package will be terminated as soon as you resign. This is due to the fact that the current medical establishment you signed onto may not be available with your new employer. So, you may need to sign on to a total new package. Also, if you are currently being treated for HIV/AIDS related diseases, bear in mind that the best your old employer can do for you is to provide details of VCTs (Voluntary Counseling and Test centers) where you can have free access to the antiretroviral drugs.

Debts if you are currently indebted to the company prior to resignation bear in mind that the balance of the remaining sum you owe will be deducted from your terminal benefits. Otherwise, pay up before you leave.

Drop your identity card, medical card and business card with the Human Resources unit. You’d be surprised at the number of people who leave an establishment with their identity card and business card. If you are yet to be issued a business card at your new place of work, do not make the mistake of using the old card as an introductory card by scribbling your new details at the back, giving it to every Tom, Dick and Harry. This is highly unprofessional.

Perform a 360 degree self assessment engaging your peers, direct reports and line manager(s) to give you an honest feedback to help you perform better on the new role you’re assuming. Helps you to identify your strengths and weakness.

Finally, leave, walk out the door without a backward glance and lay the ghost of your former workplace behind you. Your new colleagues will not want to be inundated with your exploits at your former place of work. Management may never be sure where your loyalty lies if every word that comes out of your mouth begins with “At XYZ Company, we did this and did that…


3 thoughts on “Ten Things To Do Before Resigning.

  1. Rakeeyah Sambo says:

    I resigned from my previous job at the end officer November 2009. I had given over a month’s notice. I am yet to receive my benefits despite the fact that i am not indebted to them. Should i be worried?

  2. January says:

    Hello Rakeeyah. Often times, benefits or gratuity payments takes a longer time period before it is finally paid. If gratuity is part of your entitlement at your former work place, i’d suggest two things. First, call your former line manager and ask why it is taking so long. Secondly, you can call up your HR personnel or Finance to find out what the problem is exactly.

    You should also bear in mind that some organisations actually invest employees gratuity scheme in treasury bills or mutual funds, so you might not be able to liquidate your investment. Once it has been handed over to you, leave it for sometime before you now embark on your next move. I hope your organisation is not a public service one cos you know the slow service culture within the civil service.

    Do let me know if this helps you out.

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