Financial Appraisal for mid-year 2007

We are currently conducting our half year appraisals at my workplace. The purpose of the half year appraisal is to review set goals for the year vs. actual results obtained. In the spirit of the half year appraisal, I have decided to conduct an appraisal of the financial goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year to determine if I have succeeded or exceeded my set goals.  These were some of the goals I set for myself;o        Increase my holdings in First Bank of Nigeria to 30,000 units.o        Invest 50% of my savings in the IBTC ethical fund.o        Increase my individual stock holdings from eight to twelve.o        Increase my net worth by 30%.o        Drive and maintain my living expenses on a shoestring budget of N10,000 monthly. How have I fared? I have not done too badly, rather I am pleased with what I have been able to achieve by living and adopting a frugal lifestyle. Currently, I have achieved 16,000 units of First Bank, increased my individual stock holdings from eight to twelve, surpassed my projected net worth value by 200%, maintained a living expense of N10,000 monthly while I am yet to invest in IBTC’s ethical fund.  So, my savings plan for the rest of 2007 is to save a minimum of N130,000 (i.e.$1,000 – I use the dollar as a benchmark for my savings goal) each month till I have enough money socked away to purchase 14,000units of First Bank (which I won’t be purchasing till December, because it’s usually cheaper during this period as it’s end of year is March 2007, while the audited results will be presented in September) and  invest in IBTC’s ethical fund. I’ll keep you posted at the annual review by year end. I suggest you also conduct an appraisal on your financial goals for 2007. Let me know what figures you arrived at. If you have not put in a savings plan for 2007, it’s never too late to start.

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