Starcomms Surfing – Deal or No Deal?

I have been considering purchasing surfing hours from the above named company for my blogging activities. Earlier, I had perused several offers from Globacom, Celtel,MTN and a few PTOs, but the rates were too exorbitant. I came across the recent offer from Starcomms in the pages of the daily papers and on the radio recently. The company is offering prospective subscribers N5 per minute. It sounded like an incredible offer until I analyzed it.


At the rate of N5 per minute, that boils down to N300 for an hour and N150 for thirty minutes. The local Internet café I use on a daily basis charges N150 fo an hour. So I ask myself – Why should I subscribe for Starcomms services? Several reasons such as privacy, non-invasion of my inbox by Yahoo! Boys, ability to conduct online purchases within the confines of my home and ability to respond ASAP to official mails and reports.


On the other hand, what is the operational bandwidth that Starcomms is offering its’ subscribers? What additional benefits will accrue to the subscribers? Is the company offering faster and efficient browsing experience or will it be the usual routine we’re exposed to at the neighborhood café?


If you have an urgent need for 12hours Internet services, the Starcomms offer may be expensive. I would suggest you pay for off peak period so as to take advantages of faster download time on the web. You could also ask for the “no access charge” option to reduce your monthly bills. I’m aware that Multilinks offers a “no access charge” option amounting to N10,000 monthly for peak periods of 8a.m – 7p.m. (advisable for individuals who operate an online business).


Before you subscribe for Internet services, ask yourself for what purposes are you purchasing time. If it’s for the occasional mails, a cyber café will be much better. If you operate an online business, you need this service. Whatever your objectives for subscribing, check your finances before you splurge on Internet based services.




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