My Networth – July

At the end of each month, I usually conduct an assessment for the previous months goal to determine if I surpassed my goals. Conducting a monthly assessment keeps me focused and determined to achieve my overall financial goals on my journey towards financial freedom. Besides, I’m interested in seeing my net worth increase on a monthly basis – it’s a great motivation. Last month my goals were as follows;

  • Increase my net worth by 3%.
  • Invest half a million in the stock market.
  • Commence a savings plan towards my proposed investment plans in the IBTC ethical fund.
  • Achieve a monthly living expense of N10,000 ( I live broke as if I was still an undergraduate).

At the end of the month, this is where I stand;

Net Worth (July)

Dollar Denominated



Current Account


Savings Account


Retirement Account


Stock Portfolio






Percent Change (%)


Reviewing my set goals for the month of July, I surpassed the percentage target I set for the month, invested the stated amount in the stock market and achieved a monthly living expense of N10,000 while I’m yet to commence the savings plan for the IBTC ethical fund.

For the month of August, I’ve set in new targets;

· Increase my net worth by 5%.

· Open a separate account either with GTB/Intercontinental Bank; ensure it’s not linked to my ATM card (purpose: investment).

· Audit my monthly expenses to check if I’m spending money on unnecessary items.

· Continue to drive my monthly living expenses.

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