How to set up a Travel Club

Of late, I’ve been taking note of peoples hobbies or interests as you may call them; one activity has been stated quite frequently and that is international travel. A lot of individuals wish to travel the length and breadth of the world to observe and learn various cultures, languages and architectural masterpiece that are reflective of each country’s native customs. While we are visiting as tourists, we’re also taking out time to relax.

So, I asked a couple of friends why they had not done much of international travels and I received the following answers ranging from loneliness and boredom (if you’re traveling alone); fear of the unknown (if you’re traveling for the first time – applies to individuals who are visiting countries that are not within their circle of control); distance; money issues relating to sightseeing, food and cost of hotel accommodations; language, religious and cultural barriers. For instance, I would be petrified at the thought of going to China or Japan all by myself due to the intricacies and nuances of the culture and language. I would be totally lost. Whereas, I would consider a trip to India as the icing on the cake because I’m familiar with the Indian culture as a result of their movie stars who’ve projected the country as the place for beauty, romance, music and dance intertwined with folklores and traditional architectural masterpiece that’s simply stunning (The Taj Mahal).

I got thinking on the best way of tackling these issues and voila! The answer was obvious “a travel club” why I didn’t think of that before, I’ll never know. Really if you look at it, setting up a travel club with your friends will solve most of the issues outlined above. So, I got thinking, how does an individual set up a travel club with friends?

Identify each prospective members interests, which could range from adventure, beach, surfing, shopping, family sightseeing, culture tourists and so on. Try to find out where each member falls in, so it’ll be easier to organize your trips. Also if you’re not the type who can handle kids, it’ll be better to set up a club with single members to avoid the stress involved in handling children when traveling outside the country. A friend of mine traveled recently to the Middle East with his entire family, upon his arrival, he had a nice time but also stated that he would have had a nicer time if he had factored in the job involved in traveling with kids.

It’s often said “birds of the same feather flock together”. When organizing your travel plans, your activities should revolve around members with similar interests. It would be foolhardy to arrange a trip with an individual who prefers to be indoors all the time reading a book rather than taking in the sights. This will eliminate any forms of resentment if due planning is done.

Accommodation – you need to carry out a proper research on the type of accommodation you’ll need if you’re traveling as a group. It’s usually advisable to rent an apartment for the duration of your stay so that the cost can be shared within the group. This should also include food and other groceries you may need including transportation. Bear in mind that most apartments are fully furnished and also include the cost of cleaning. Popular search engines like Goggle will give you an idea of how much an apartment will cost depending on the country you’re traveling to.

Airline tickets – take advantage of cheaper airfares by booking your flights online and also register for the frequent fliers club, which has a lot of benefits.


2 thoughts on “How to set up a Travel Club

  1. Remi Emeka Njoku says:

    Actuall, Nigerians travel a lot. As a result, the idea of a travel club will florish. But unfortunately. Our systems are not properly organised creating opportunities for frauds and suspicion.
    Reputation matters a lot in this circumstance. How do you convience the public they will not be short changed, as it has happened in many investment clubs recently?

  2. January says:

    The nature of the travel club I wrote about is usually done amongst friends with similar interests and not with a complete stranger. Besides, this travel club does not involve pooling of funds, so members funds are safe. Each member is required to share cost of accommodation, food, transportation and tour activities. This I do on a regular basis with my friends.

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