Manage Your Career

Early this year, I attended a focus group session within the organization I work for. We had a resource person from overseas who was conducting this session. One memorable thing I took away from this group session was this quote “Your first responsibility as an employee within an organization is to manage your career and not manage the company”. Why did I remember this quote all of a sudden?

I have a training to attend next week which is part of my personal developmental goals for my career this year. So, I walk up to my line manager all bright and cheery to remind him about this training, only to have him tell me that he and his line manager had discussed about this training and had decided to postpone this training till next year. To say, I was livid was an understatement. I mean, how can people be this selfish with other direct report’s career development plans.

So, I began to take note of all the various training programs this same manager had attended this year and it was more than twelve – all sponsored by the company. All the trainings I’ve attended this year have been paid for out of my own pocket. I have only one company sponsored training scheduled for this year and yet, I’m not being allowed to attend. Did I tell you why I can’t attend this training program? It’s because, this particular boss is worried about meeting year end volume targets, that she had to schedule a regional meeting for next week Monday, to ask the team to brainstorm on strategies to achieve this year end target. So, I ask myself where does the company draw the line in terms of line mangers who take the credit for all the good job being done by their direct reports and also being a good people manger.

This afternoon, I’ll be meeting with both of them to press home my reasons and the benefits of attending this particular training. When organizations begin to undermine employees personal development for the company’s bottom line, the employee feels demoralized, disenfranchised and begins to consider the greener grass on the other side of the fence. I’ll keep you posted on whether I attended this training or not.

2 thoughts on “Manage Your Career

  1. Bubbles says:

    It’s unfortunate when companies don’t recognize promising individuals. And when they forget one shouldn’t hesitate to remind them! I’m glad you have taken matters into your own hands.

    Do let us know how it goes đŸ™‚

  2. January says:

    Your comment was spot on. You’ve inspired me to write an article regarding this. I met with both of them and sold the benefits of attending this training.

    However, at the end of the day we were able to reach a compromise i.e. the training will be rescheduled for early next year and barring all unforeseen circumstances, I’ll be able to attend. This has never happened to me before, so to have someone tell me to my face that attending a regional meeting is of a higher importance than my personal development was a hard thing for me to take.

    At the end of the day, I began to wonder why I was unnecessarily pushing myself to be a consistent top performer within my current job role.
    You know this incident has prompted me to consider the greener grass on the other side. I also made them sign a written agreement.

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