Aspiring Entrepreneurial Program

Sometime ago, I wrote an article on the “Entrepreneurial Employee” and the resources available to individuals who are desirous in setting up their own “Small Medium Enterprises” often referred to as SMEs. One of the foremost non-governmental organizations set up to cater for the needs of today’s entrepreneur, is Fate Foundation. Recently, I’ve been looking through the search list of words that people used in locating my blog and the word “Entrepreneur” has crept up a lot.

Mr. Fola Adeola (founder of GTBank Plc) established Fate Foundation for individuals who are desirous of setting up their own businesses, irrespective of whether you’re a recent graduate or already have years of working experience, your ideas are welcome at this organization. I was opportune to attend this program some few years back and I must say that I learnt a lot of things, which I still apply within my professional and personal life.

I recommend this program for the recent graduate or employee thinking of setting up a small business by the side. If you’re also planning for early retirement or some few years from retirement, you may consider giving this program a trial. This program is open to individuals aged 21 – 50 years. You’ll have access to a vast library comprising several business books and materials relating to any sector you may be interested in. you’ll also have access to a mentoring program; taught the nitty gritty in writing a business plan; business presentation skills; business writing skills; relevant case studies that are necessary for the survival of your intended business and also have the opportunity to be taught by facilitators from Harvard or Yale.

I must state here that this program runs for six months and usually holds twice a week if I remember correctly. The fee for this program is N50, 000 that can be paid in four installments. Application form is sold for N100, while a quantitative test will be conducted for selected individuals. If you pass this test, you’ll be invited for an interview to which you’ll be selling your business ideas to the panel. I must remind you that the class can only accommodate 50 students; so the earlier you start, the better. Sessions are held twice a year (January & September).

3 thoughts on “Aspiring Entrepreneurial Program

  1. Matt says:

    Sounds like a pretty good program – its always interesting to see a perspective from a different part of the world. Community centers provide some basic training for us but its free information so it might not be as applicable to all entrepreneurs – either way its there.

  2. The Baddest Bish says:

    Good info. I have to say I’m quite impressed with the way the Nigerian stock and mutual funds have been running, members of my family had made quite a bit of “money” investing, and I’m seriously considering setting up a direct debit to their Financial adviser.

  3. January says:

    Thanks for your comment. I must say that setting up a direct debit is a smart move. If you have any questions or concern regarding investing, do not hesitate to shout out.

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