Democracy and Financial Freedom

In a weeks time from now, Nigeria will be celebrating its’47th Independence celebration. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how democracy, rule of law and financial independence are directly linked. Most times I think we don’t know or take for granted how important democracy is.  At the meeting I attended last week, my manager spoke about her recent trip to South Africa. She had actually attended leadership training where she met a colleague from Zimbabwe. This lady heads the human resource unit of our sister organization in Zimbabwe.


They both got talking about the economic recession in Zimbabwe and my manager had asked her if the reports on CNN were true. She answered in the affirmative and even said the situation was much worse than what CNN portrayed. She spoke about her kids bathing in a bucket of water not with a bucket of water because water has become a luxury they can’t afford. One million Zimbabwe dollars cannot buy sugar, poultry, beef or flour in the market place. Citizens are hungry, there’s nobody to fill all the various job roles within the organization. She said “Robert Mugabe” daily kills all the cattle and poultry on a daily basis for the armed forces, provides international scholarships for their kids just to ensure he stays on forever as the country’s’ president.


Furthermore, during lunch she received a phone call from her kids in Zimbabwe, who had called to inform her that for the first time in several months, they had electricity and water. So they could afford to wash their clothes and take their baths. It was a harrowing picture she painted and it made me wonder what this woman was passing through on a daily basis in Zimbabwe. At the time of writing this article, about 3million Zimbabwe citizens have fled to South Africa as economic refugees.

So I look at our own situation in Nigeria and I understand how important it is to speak out against injustice, corruption in government, politicians not fulfilling their promises, and speakers of the house who use more than $2million dollars to renovate official residences without thinking about the common man out there on the street who cannot afford three square meals daily. If we don’t have economic stability, I won’t be blogging about my journey towards financial freedom.

Please join me wherever you may be to offer a five-minute prayer for our nation and the African continent. For as long as we allow nonentities such as Robert Mugabe and other half baked government officials all across the continent to rule the common man, Africa will continue to grapple in the dark. I’ve chosen to speak out. God Bless Nigeria.


3 thoughts on “Democracy and Financial Freedom

  1. Bubbles says:

    If not for your post I’d completely forgotten that Nigeria’s independence was coming up soon. Every year I ask myself if it’s worth celebrating at all. Although our democracy is still in the infantile stage; and sometimes it seems like our efforts are going to waste we still have a lot of things to be thankful for. For one there’s hope. Secondly the situation in Nigeria isn’t as bad as in Zimbabwe.

    I have more to say on this.

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