Assessing my goals for September

Last month, I did not give an update of my expenses and savings goal for the month. It was a rather busy month for me which included a lot of travelling for business meetings and other official functions. This month, I really won’t be dwelling a lot on my total networth. Rather, i’ll be giving an update on how effective I was in tracking my daily expenses and monthly savings. August was a bit flat for me especially in terms of my investments on the stock market due to the prolonged bearish run, there were a few dips here and there but overall, I held on steady. Remember, my investment goals are long-term not short-term.

For the month of September, I increased my savings goals from $1,134 to $2,591 due to a recent 40% increase in my annual salary (my organization has decided to include mid-year salary reviews as part of its’efforts in maintaining internal equities amongst employees) also received monthly cooperative check payments to my accounts; invested $2,540 in some public offers and private placements while my pension contribution earned an additional income of $979. To this end, I can begin to focus on my expenses for this month cos while my monthly income has been increased, this has also led to an increase in my monthly contributions towards pension which puts me in relatively healthy financial shape.

So, what are my goals for October? Reviewing my savings goal for the year which was a million naira, I’ve been able to save a bit more than a million naira by pruning down on my daily expenses. Right now, I’m saving towards my next vacation coming up February 2008 (I don’t have a specific destination in mind right now) but I’m working on it. I need a break to enjoy and spoil myself a little while seeing some wonderful sights around the world.

This month, i’ll be tracking my expenses a bit more closely by recording whatever I buy in my little notebook and also keeping all receipts so as to know where my money is going. Last month, I got off on a good start by tracking my expenses and keeping tabs on receipts but somewhere down the line, I lost track of all the receipts and couldn’t even locate some because Iwas not recording it in my notebook. Due to the recent salary increase, I also intend to increase my monthly savings goal from 70% to 80%.

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