Is Your Career at a Standstill?

I’ve been conducting a career evaluation for my present job role, mapping out the things I need to do before year-end to arrive at my next destination point. Though it gets cloudy a times, however I’m learning to sift the chaff from the wheat to determine if I should be on the search for a new job role. While it’s been fun these past few years, it’s time to move on.

 If you’re in my situation, here are some few tips to keep your career performing well.

·        Conduct an assessment: there’s no better time to conduct a career assessment than now. It gives you an idea of where you are and where you want to be in your career. For example, are you at a point where you’re bored or are there other areas in your life that need more attention?

·        Determine your career path: if your career goal is to be the marketing director of your organization, find out what skills and accomplishments you need and set out to acquire them. If it means leaving your current employer be prepared to launch a full-scale job search.·       

Change your job: sometimes, this may involve changing your career to something entirely different from what you do currently.

·        Watch out for skill upgrades: is there an emerging trend in your industry? Perhaps a new way of marketing or placing sales calls to prospective clients? You need to become an expert in these areas. It will place you above your contemporaries within the marketplace.

·        Don’t fall behind technology: some fields require particular software applications. This is the best time to acquire this knowledge.

·        Review your current resume: when was the last time you reviewed your CV? Was it a year or ten years ago? You cannot afford the luxury of having an outdated CV in your files. Enlist the aid of job and career web sites to get you an updated CV relevant to your area of interest.

·        Masters or MBAs: if your next step involves enrolling for a masters or MBA program, do not hesitate to do so. Leaving it for later may not help your career. I recently lost the opportunity to apply for an exciting job role because I did not possess the required MBA.

·        Keep your contacts: one of the best ways I learn about new job opportunities is through former employees and colleagues who have left for other organizations. If you’re in the habit of losing contact with people, dust up your diary and get your networking skills in order.  

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