You Need To Know This

The advent of mobile and Internet banking within Nigeria has opened the door for Internet scams and fraud often perpetuated by criminal elements and banking officials. Recently, Interswitch placed an advert on the T.V and radio informing the general public about a faceless and unknown scam organization asking for personal information from ATM cardholders about their pin codes. It has become mandatory to be more knowledgeable and smarter when conducting your online banking transactions.  If you’re at your wit ends, then this you can do;

  • Don’t write down your password on your phones, on the ATM, your notebook or debit card itself, or anywhere else in your wallet.
  • Don’t use your ATM card at the mall, restaurant or fast food outlets because the waiter or staff can record your information on a magnetic stripe.
  • Use normal Bic pens to write cheques, as the ink cannot be easily dissolved.
  • Inject some variety by using different passwords and IDs at different financial institutions. Don’t also make the mistake of using your mother’s maiden name as your security answer.
  • Don’t use a public computer for your online financial transactions, as there are temporary Internet files that store all your activities on the computer.
  • Monitor and check your bank accounts religiously to prevent unauthorized transactions on your account.
  • Don’t click or download scam emails or download attachments from unknown sources. If you receive an urgent mail from your financial institution, use the phone number printed on your bank statement to respond.
  • Never sign a cheque in the presence of a stranger or anybody. You never know if you’re opening yourself up to someone who could forge your signature. I know a lot of people are guilty of this.
  • Learn to delete the history tab on your personal computers. I often save my passwords and IDs on my personal computer. However, once I’m through with my online transactions, I click on Internet options and delete history, cookies and all temporary files.

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