Periodic Medical Check – Up

Our periodic medical check up within the organization I work for is here again. So for the next few weeks, I’ll be traipsing up and down to the hospital. So what should I expect from this routine check up? How does it affect my current job role and wellness at work?  I had earlier scheduled myself for a personal routine check up in June, but due to the heavy and crazy workloads, I never got round to it. So I ask myself if it’s worth waiting for the company, or simply going ahead to the hospital I registered with, under the health insurance scheme for a personal check up. Definitely not. I pay an annual premium of N120,000 ($1,000) for the health insurance scheme. It will be a financial waste not to utilize this sum for the purpose it’s meant for. As we grow older, it’s mandatory to take our health more seriously to avert and detect problems in their earliest stage and keep us on the good road to health. If you have been thinking of going for a medical check up and are not too sure about it’s benefits, here are a few:

  • It facilitates primary prevention.
  • Identifies risk factors for common chronic diseases.
  • Detect diseases that have no apparent symptoms.
  • Paves an avenue for your doctor to counsel you on healthy behavior.
  • Update your clinical data at the hospital.

 As for me, I’ll be taking two days off from work starting from tomorrow to attend to my health needs.

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