Off to Grad School

So, this is it. I finally took the plunge of attending grad school this year, to study an MBA with special emphasis on Total Quality Management at the University of Leicester. Articles on this blog may not be as frquent as it was, but once a week, i’ll post in an article. Till then…

5 thoughts on “Off to Grad School

  1. Bubbles says:

    Congratulations on your admission! I wanted to pursue my MBA too, but those idiots at the embassy didn’t seem to think it’s worth my while and contradicted themselves out of issuing me a student visa. And you know having an MBA degree from a UK university makes a world of difference in Nigeria these days in terms of job opportunities. Being that I didn’t even school in Nigeria, I found it very difficult getting one because I didn’t really know anybody. I was determined to set up my own private enterprise when marriage came along and everything changed, I had to move down to be with my husband.

    Hey, maybe someday we’ll bump into eachother. Now that would be fun. šŸ˜€

  2. January says:

    Yeah, I’m sure we will. Talk about searching for jobs in Nigeria is a whole chapter and story which we’ll leave for another day. I had to stay at home for a year and half before I got my first job which incidentally led me to my second and present job. Regarding private enterprise, that’s one of my goals this year, i’m starting one very soon and as soon as it can pay me what my current salary is, i’ll resign. Anyway, you can still set up your won enterprise in London. Let me give you a tip “Identify common solutions to common problems within your immediate environment”that’s all the breakthrough you need. All the best.

  3. Pen says:

    I have been very impressed with your blog. I live in the UK and planning to quit my 9-5 for Nija. You have said so many things that just resonate with me. I am still resident in the UK for at least the next 1.5years. I wonder if you would like to chat and possibly meet up. So much to discuss that I can’t paste here. And I am doing my MBA too. Pen

  4. January says:

    Hello Pen, thanks for stopping by and i’m glad that this blog has made an imapct somehow on your life. Yes, i’d like to chat with you regarding whatever you’d like to discuss and all the best on the MBA program.

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