Online Purchase? How do I handle it?

One major complaint I hear often is frustration involved in paying for goods and services online using the various mastercar’d available in the country. Oftentimes, these cards are not accepted when paying for goods and services. I remember what I had to go through when paying for web development services. I had to transfer the funds on a bi-weekly basis incurring other charges.

However, those days are long gone at least for me cos I stumbled across a most innovative product at Zenithbank known as the Mastercard Websurfer. The Websurfer card by Zenith Bank is a debit card that gives you the same functionalites as your normal marstercard. The big difference however, is that you’re hardly charged for any services or goods paid for online. It is not a personalised card and you can only use it online and no where else…so don’t even think of using it on one of your trips abroad except you’ll be making online purchases.

If you’re interested in having this card, visit and apply online for the websurfer card. You will need your driving license or an international passport for registration and identification purpose and you will also be required to select the nearest branch where you would like to pick up this card. The process usually takes about 15minutes and voila! you’re off to the bank. You’ll be required to activate this card with $120 ($20 is for annual charge while you’ll be charged $5 everytime you reload this card).

This has saved more money than the normal mastercard where I was incurring some stupid charges that were unexpainble. So, i’ve been paying for online goods and services ranging from VictoriaSecrets, web design and development, business cards and stationeries and several other things that were shipped directly to Nigeria. So, if you need a revolution in the way and manner you conduct online e-commerce transactions, the WebSurfer card is the way to go.

16 thoughts on “Online Purchase? How do I handle it?

  1. F says:

    Thanks for this info Jan! I’ve been in a quandry as to how to go about purchasing things on the internet without having an overseas bank account. This just makes everything easier.

  2. January says:

    Hello Kiibaati, Interswitch works pretty well for most online stores in Nigeria, however, the issue I have with most of these stores is their faulty backend administration…they never seem to know when a customer pays for goods and services. I remember purchasing a book at i never got an acknowledgement mail or invoice…after a week, i had to call them to notify them of my purchase before the book was sent…so much for inefficient business owners

  3. Chukwudi Udegbunam says:

    Please did you register the card with a US billing address or your Nigerian address? Have you used their Visa Prepaid?
    Thank you

    • January says:

      Hello Chukwudi, yes you can register with a Nigerian billing Address when applying for the Zentih Bank’s websurfer. No, I have not used their Visa prepaid card but from the functionality I get from the websurfer card, i’d say you can try that out.

  4. Chukwudi Udegbunam says:

    Thanks for the info man. I just got mine today. I’m yet to receive the activation email though. Will let you know how I fared with the card.
    Ciao. Take care

  5. Chukwudi Udegbunam says:

    Guy, How far? I just got the email and I tried ordering web hosting from but their system kept rejecting the billing address with which I registered the MASTERCARD WEBSURFER.
    Please which billing address do you use? I’m already getting kinda frustrated.
    See me bad manners. LOL
    Merry Christmas and happy new year

    • January says:

      Hello Chuks, I don’t know why your card was rejected but it could be either you used the wrong billing address or the host company does not accept international credit or debit cards,. you need to find out if they do before you fill in your details. You can try or …i know they accept international credit cards. so give it a try and let me know. As fro your question, i used my home address here in lagos as my billing address.

  6. SoftPay says:

    For online purchases IN Nigeria, use also people abroad can pay you for your products too.
    You can collect your PayPal funds through SotpPay too.

    • January says:

      While we allow comments and suggestions from our various readers, we are very cautious in introducing services that have not yet been tried and tested by readers and editors of this blog. Secondly, there is practicall little or no information about the people behind this company. We would appreciate if you can let us know more about the people behind this great idea before we decide whether or not to introduce your services on our blog.

  7. SoftPay says:

    Nigerians need to appreciate that it is not names that maketh success.
    We always like to know the ‘big names’ behind projects, but that is no guarantee tha the project will not fail the people.
    Observe Nigerian websites and contrast with foriegn websites. Just click on the ‘About Us’ link on a Nigerian site and you will see pics and eulogies of ‘proff’ ‘alhj’ ‘Dr.’ you name it. About is supposed to be about the company and the services not the people behind.
    Check out new things, see how they benefit you, use or discard as you please but always be objective.

    • January says:

      Hello, when we spoke about knowing the people behind your organisation, we were not referring to titles. We care less about that but if you visit the so called foerign websites, you’d see on the About Us page, pictures and bio of each person behind the organisation. This displays a high level of trust and integrity behind the organisation’s product offering. I’d suggest you take a cue from these websites if you want prospective clients to make use of yor services.

    • January says:

      Mike, I do not encourage online gambling with Debit Card. The reason behind this is, with a credit card, if an unauthorised transaction is carried out on your card, as soon as you report, you can recover what might have been spent. However, with a debit card, once anunauthorised transaction takes place, you cannot and I repeat cannot recover what has been spent. Use your debit card for more contemplative purchases.

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