E-Commerce for African Merchants

There’s a drawback to our site and this has to do with our payment platform. I was of the opinion that it’d be quite easy to integrate Authorize.net’s e-commerce platform to our site but as I post this update, we’re yet to find a reseller that offers their services for African merchants. For now, we intend to ask our clients to make direct payments into our bank account before they can have access to our services.

Now this is a short note to Mr. Mitchell Elegbe (i’m talking about the man behind Interswitch) and this also goes out to the man behind E-Tranzact…both organisations should offer less expensive entrance fees to small business who desire to establish an online presence offering payment platform. Now this is a prevalent trend within Africa cos even in South Africa, I observed that most companies that have an online presence do not offer an e-commerce platform. 

My question is … who will take up this challenge for small businesses?

2 thoughts on “E-Commerce for African Merchants

  1. F says:

    Hmm… It’s clearly an undeveloped market. And with the prevalence of fraud, I guess it’ll take a longer time. Things take a while to catch up in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. I remember when ATM’s were introduced here, it was such a big deal yet it’s been around for ages in other parts of the world.

    As more and more businesses go online and the need increaes, I’m sure some ‘entity’ will take it upon themselves to explore that field. They better hurry up though, ‘cuz when my business takes off, I’m going to ensure an online presense.

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