Striving For Excellence

Last year, I attended my sister’s convocation ceremony at the University of Ibadan. I listened to the address given by the Vice-Chancellor of this great university, admonishing the young graduates to make the most of every opportunity they come across in life. Six years ago, I don’t remember listening attentively to the Vice-Chancellor since I was busy exchanging pleasantries with my classmates and we were busy plotting how we were going to work for some of the best organizations within the country. Since then, a lot of water has passed under the bridge. I may not be too sure what career path my younger sister may tread in life, but I know she’s got a passion for striving for excellence in all she does.   

This leads me to a question I’ve been meaning to ask “how many parents out there provide a support base for their children” in terms of achieving their dreams and passions in life. Our parents are rather interested in re-living their own lives through their children and that’s why we have a lot of kids out there pursuing their parent’s passion instead of running with their own dreams. I know how emotional this can get because I personally engaged in several arguments and counter accusations with my dad who wanted his daughter to be a chartered accountant. I never became a chartered accountant cos accounting, though an easy subject proved to be boring for my personality. I couldn’t see myself working in finance and auditing for the rest of my life crunching out numbers.  Now I’m better off pursuing my own passion instead of living out my father’s dream.

4 thoughts on “Striving For Excellence

  1. F says:

    That’s a good question for parents to ponder. The lady who runs the craft center where I’m doing my training had parents that really believed in her and encouraged her passion. Today she owns a training school thats even better than the famed Singer and she’s in our age group. Gone are the days when you have to wait untill you’re in your forties or fifties to run such an organization.

    I think a lot of Nigerian parents are not only trying to live through their children, but they’re worried the children will end up a liability so they push them towards careers they believe will be rewarding inspite of the prevailing situation in the country. I’ve always believed whatever you do, so long as you have a passion, you’ll succeed. Because when you love it everything inside you drives you towards success.

    • January says:

      I’m happy for her cos most children don’t get that chance…as for me, when i do have my kids, i’ve made u my mind that i will expose them to arts, culture, music, travel, enough education and other soft skills so they can chart their path for the future.

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