New Year Resolutions!

I’d like to start by wishing every reader of this blog a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Prosperous? you might say, and yes, it will be prosperous for individuals like you and I in the forthcoming year, if we change some of our spending habits.  Like a friend and fellow blogger F, who does not track how much comes out of her wallet.  Ialso have a bad habit of not tracking my miscellanous expenses on a daily basis…I actually keep the receipts but somehow, I never seem to take proper note of how much I spend on groceries, cosmetics and other food items. Which brings me to the issue of resolutions. I guess New Year resolutions have been around for ages and some we keep while we do not keep some. This may be attributable to several factors.

I’d like to start 2009 in the following fashion by sticking to the following:

  • sustain and maintain my eating right, exercise right program.
  • save a minimum of 70% of my monthly income.
  • start investing in real estate.
  • explore alternative income opportunities.
  • keep a weekly track of all miscellanous spending.

These are some of the few resolutions I intend to kickstart in 2009. So, what are your own resolutions?

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