How do I save more money in 2009?

Of late, I have been thinking of ways to save more money especially with the global financial meltdown which is affecting almost every country. I usually have a savings goal every year and 2009 is no different. However, I have major spendings before me such as tuition and summer school fees; purchasing a car and other expenses that were not looming before me in 2008. To get around this, I have decided that the car will have to wait for now while I settle more pressing financial matters. Secondly, I’m cutting down on my monthly expense for food which is about NGN20,000 monthly. I really do not eat that much but sometimes, I might see the odd Sottish Shortbread biscuits and decide to buy on a daily basis which knocks off NGN2,000 meant for other expenses.

One other area I need to prune down on is books. There’s this charming bookstore in Ibadan called ‘Booksellers’ where they play all kinds of solemn and springy jazz tunes…once i’m in there and the music gets to me, I’m on a shopping spree. You can usually find me there fantasizing about myself half lying on a huge tree chaise swing, in my gypsy skirt and blouse, sipping apple juice and reading my favourite book which could be a brilliant thriller by John Grisham or Agatha Christie. Oh! did I leave out the music? Yes, there’s usually soft mellow music belting out in the background. Which brings me to the issue of property. When is the appropriate time to start investing in property – I mean buying or building your own house? I fantasize about it daily and it brings up a lot of questions on my mind such as:
* how come most houses are painted in the same bland cream and beige colours?
* how come throw pillows or materials used aren’t bright and chirpy even when it comes to design.
*how come we don’t have affordable soft furnishings for home such as IKEA within Nigeria.
* how come most homes are so stuffy and filled with things people do not need?
I could go on and ask more questions but some answers are inborn. So, back to my earlier question, how are you going to save more money in 2009?

5 thoughts on “How do I save more money in 2009?

  1. F says:

    Wah, so many entries since I last checked in… not fair! hehe… 🙂

    I’m hanging there, I’ll keep you updated. Let me first get to reading all the stuff you have up here.

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