Aso Ebi……….

One of the reasons I hate attending wedding ceremonies is the inordinate amount of money spent buying Aso Ebi. I loathe it cos it involves buying all kinds of materials or clothing accessories that I might never use again. The other sore point is getting a good tailor who can put together a good design with quality and finishing.
My best friend is getting married tomorrow and of course, I had to buy the Aso Ebi and headtie whch came to NGN4,000. I gave the tailor my design and to my utmost shock which has become a recurring occurence, I didn’t end up with what I wanted. This waste of money has been behind my decision to stick to ready made clothing items. I have recently been compiling a list of all the various Aso Ebi’s I have had to buy since last year. The most absurd thing about it is I hardly wear them once the event is over. So, I have decided to stop buying Aso Ebi until I get a good tailor who can bring what I want to life.

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