Too much clothes?

It’s a well known fact that women and clothes go together. I’m yet to meet that woman who could care less what she wears on a day to day basis. However, we often find it difficult getting rid of the excess clutter in our wardrobes. I’m a classic example…i’ve got clothes I haven’t worn in ages but I still keep them either for sentimental reason or other subtle reasons I have not bothered to explore. When I got my first job offer, my clothes were awful and I don’t know why I kept wearig what I wore back then to work. Oh! I now know…I kept on fooling myself that since the dress code was smart casual, I could care less what I wore.

Secondly, I was also trying to secure my future financially by stashing away as much cash as I possibly could. Thirdly, I had decided that I was not going to buy new clothes until I was financially solvent which didn’t happen until my third year of employment.
I woke up and suddenly discovered that I want to buy new and better clothes and I could afford them which led me to start stashing cash away for my shopping spree which occurs once a year when I travel for vacations.

But, we are in a recession right now and I’d like to ask “How long is it too long to keep something”?  I practically wore a pair of jeans for two years until they became ragged, faded and worn out cos I couldn’t answer the upgrade question. However, for times such as this, there are some basic classic items that should be in a woman’s wardrobe; a pair of well fitting jeans (dark blue rinse), non peep toe pumps, A -line fitted skirt (possibly black) and basic shirts that don’t have the bumpy over-washed feeling to them. Another part to this dilema is the number of clothes I have. So, I ask you a few questions: How long is too long? What is worth upgrading? and How much is too much?

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