Supposing I am a make over artist desirous of taking my art and business to the next level. How do I create a big buzz about it? First, I would ensure I have a phone that can snap pictures with minimal effort, range of makeup brushes that ensures an effortless gorgeous look for my existing and prospective clients. Furthermore, where I do not have the financial wherewithal to create my own website, I would create an online presence using a blog to get the word out. This blog would act as my office where I interact with existing and prospective clients. I would not only upload pictures of recent works but, I’d also use this medium to educate my clients and readers on the latest makeup techniques including tutorials conducted by myself with the aid of free press via YouTube. If you think giving out free tutorials won’t get you clients, you can check out This young lady has taught me several things about how budding makeup entrepreneurs within our country can create a big buzz for themselves.

Supposing I am a farmer who specializes in growing and selling various types of vegetables, I would not restrict myself to just neighbourhood folks or the occasional passerby. I would spread the buzz by informing consumers through my blog the importance and medicinal benefits of vegetables and all the various delicacies that could be wrought with them. What about medicinal vegetables-this blog would also act as a forum to ask for constant feedbacks from readers and clients. What about supplying and shipping vegetables to clients who may place an order for special occasions such as weddings, burial ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries and so forth?

Supposing I am an interior décor artist, I would need a blog instead of an actual website to educate consumers on the need to incorporate some colours into their homes. While on vacation last year I stumbled across an interior décor artist who took time to educate us on the importance of colours within our home. I’m sure our women who are always lamenting about their sudden weight gain would be happy to know that a right step in the losing weight direction is to paint your kitchen walls a deep purple & lilac colour and watch the weight gradually drop off. You might wonder what purple has to do with losing weight? Why don’t you try it and see? For kiddies play area, she also said it was much better to paint such areas in deep red with pink hues (if you can’t stand red in all its’ glory) or orange. It induces energy in such a child and allows self expression. For study areas, it’s better to paint it in such colours like soothing green which ensures adequate concentration.

I’m actually trying to state how important it is for small business owners to engage existing and prospective clients in a constant and consistent dialogue on a daily or monthly basis where customers can give direct feedbacks and also sort out any other issues. Every business needs a blog and I need one too.

3 thoughts on “Supposing…

  1. F says:

    This is very informative Jan. As more and more people are going online these days, it’s important to keep them informed on the growth of your business. Plus blogs are more interactive… as opposed to a website that just lays the info out there and leaves you to do whatever you like with it. I would really like to register my company name first before I start a blog though. And I still haven’t decided on what name to use yet.

  2. January says:

    Yes you are right. We need to give our business a voice of their own and also provide a platform where clients can give necessary feedbacks and timely information. It doesn’t mean a business owner might not need a website but blogs give the business a personality and voice that a website may not achieve. Concerning business registration, I hope it’s as seamless as it is here in Ibadan cos it took me 3weeks to do that and I”m clueless about the Lagos situation.

  3. F says:

    Well, I have know someone who knows someone who works in the CAC so that really helped. She said it costs about N10,000 to register the business name alone and N50,000 for a complete company registration. It’s pretty much straightforward. I guess as with most things in Naija it helps to know someone (who knows someone… who knows someone, etc.) It takes more or less that amount of time though.

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