Miles, Miles and more Miles

Are you travelling this summer? Have you given a thought about the kind of vacation you’d like and where you’d want to spend it? I’m amazed at the inordinate amount of information on the web about affordable vacations and how we don’t make use of all the travel tips. Today, I’d like to know how many Nigerian Travellers are members of a frequent flyers club. How many of us are aware that by flying with a particular airline frequently or infrequently, we can redeem our miles for a free return ticket or a dream vacation?  If you are completely clueless about this program, then read further.

What is a Frequent Flyer program? As the name suggests, it is a club for people who fly frequently (infrequently). It serves to recognize and thank them for choosing a particular airline or alliance of airlines, by giving them reward Miles for every mile they fly. These Miles can then be exchanged for free flights, upgrades and other rewards. The program also keeps in touch with members by sending them details of special offers, promotions, invitations and quarterly statements.

How do I enroll? You can enroll online or complete an enrolment form, available at your prefered ariline offices or aiport check-in desks. Remember, membership is completely free. 

A frequent flyers program would save you more money by ensuring that funds expended on tickets are not wasted. With this program, you can treat your family to a vacation at some exotic countries. I joined Emirates frequent flyers program once I started travelling and as at today, I can redeem my miles for a free return ticket or treat myself to a 10 days vacation at a resort in Mauritius. Recession or not, you need to avail yourself of the numerous benefits this program offers. It is a cheaper way to fly.

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