I really do not like to ponder on the political climate within Nigeria because it is a saddening thing to realise that every time we take one step forward, we also take two steps backward. Or how can you explain the current situation going on in Ekiti? It is indeed sad times for a promising country such as ours. A country that invests economical and political power in the hands of individuals who have never experienced what it is like to serve will continually misuse this power….we cannot go on like this. In contrast, South Africa conducted a successful election but the paradox is that political power without economic power is no power at all. While caucasian South Africans have economic power, native South Africans have political power. Yet, it is widely believed that economic power of any country is its’mainstay and so,it makes me wonder and ponder. I ask myself, when will true economic power reside with native Africans who will make good use of this power to create seemingly fair opportunities for African youths within the continent? Yesterday, I was discussing with some colleagues of mine about the ongoing recession and one of them happened to mention that Pastor Adeboye had prophesised that this global recession is going to be around for the next seven years.

Frightening as it may sound, I believe it would be cowardly of us to lie down and take this albeit calmly without the least bit of resistance. I believe that this is still the best of times to start a business no matter what the economy might be like. Whether we realise it or not, more people will and are making more money with the global financial crisis. so, we need to get our acts together, stand up and fight with every thing we have going for us individually, nationally, economically and socially.

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