On a lighter note, I will be discussing  “On Air Personalities” plying their trade within various radio stations in Lagos. I really do not listen or tune in to most radio stations in Ibadan because I simply cannot stand the ‘I wanna gonna’ speech these OAPs’ regularly innundate us with. I don’t know what is wrong in expressing ourselves in a pure language that is devoid of such lewd expressions (my sentiments). I’d like to say that RayPower FM changed the face of private radio broadcasting when the station launched its’ services (can’t remember when now) but after sometime, I lost touch with the vibe and moved onto Rhythms (basically for its’ early news broadcast), I used to think they were the best but Star FM 101.5 has been giving them a run for their money.

My favourite OAPs’ are as follows:

  • Mofe and Moyo Oyatogun: these ladies blow my minds every morning when reading the news. I love their biting sarcastic mode of reading the news. I also love their good command of the English Language and I always learn a new term of expression every morning when I tune in at 7.15a.m. I admire their refreshing take on analysing political, social and economic issues prevalent within the country. One of the most hilarious bit of news that i’ll always remember is the sarcastic comparisons they made while comparing Barack Obama’s six pack torso with our dear president’s torso. The question then was ” Mofe, can you imagine our dear president running on the beach shirtless” and the response by Mofe was “God forbid”. That was really funny. I don’t know who owns Star FM but whoever he is, it is obvious that he places a lot of premium on regular and continous training of his staff. These OAPs’ are always attending one BBC Training program or the other.
  • Dan Foster: the ‘Big Dog’ as he’s fondly called is the reason why most OAPs’ are trying unsuccessfully to speak in foreign American accents. They usually end up speaking what I term “American Gutter English”. It just goes to show how popular Dan has become in the past few years he’s been in the country. He keeps it real and does not try to force his views on listeners and one of the things he’s taught a lot of Nigerians to do is to lighten up and take life less seriously than we usually do. He’s also taught a lot of couples to be more open and honest in showering affection towards each other. 
  • Femi Sowoolu: I hope I got his surname right and if I did not…my apologies. This man’s voice is off the hook and its’such a joy to find an OAP who’s not affected by the ‘American enslavement’ going on. I listen to Continental Radio because of Femi and ‘Auto Medics”.  I’m not sure if Femi owns Continental Radio but if he does, he did a good job of hiring some of the best voices I’ve listened to of late. The OAPs’ working at Continental seem to have undegone  a lot of  voice training which is reflective in the way and manner of their voice pitch. 
  • Funmi Aofiyebi: Stunning presenter and good command of the English Language. I do not listen to her program as much as I would love to but on the few occassions I have, I’ve been impressed.

OAPs’ I have a love-hate relationship with:

  • Tosin Bucknor: I simply cannot place how I rate this OAP cos she has an uncanny way of expressing herself on air. I’m still trying to place or classify her but I can’t find the right expression now. One of the few things I love about this OAP is the wide range of featured discussions ranging from Top Clicks, Blogs, Social Networking Sites, Sing your Story, Celebrity Wednesday and the list goes on. However, my grouse with this On-Air Personality is her use of the English Language. I’m not sure if she does it on purpose or that’s how she simply knows how to express herself but sometimes, I can’t help but cringe when she starts her ‘Yelz, Gbogbo Bigs Girls & Bigs Boys’, or often times when an avid listener to the morning show calls and suddenly the connection is lost, she says “the line just cut like that”or “the line has cut”, “someone is tampering with my line”. Whatever happened to “We just lost the connection”? I personally think that her use of the ‘Jenifa’ personality is creative but at this point in time, its’ beginning to wear thin. She needs to tone it down a bit because its’ beginning to or has already affected the way she commands the use of English Language while trying to express herself on-air. I usually observe that most times when she cannot find the right word, she stutters and uses a word that is not in alignment with the message she’s passing across to her listeners.  Owners of 90.9Top FM, please take a cue from 101.5 Star FM by sending your OAPs’ to BBC or any reputable voice training school where they can learn how to be better presenters.
  • Nameless DJs’: I think Ray Power, Star FM have some DJs’ that would do their jobs better by not opening their mouths. When they do, it’s usually “I wanna gonna” and most times, an avid listener can barely make out what they’re saying most of the time. My brothers, it’s not by force to express yourself in an accent that does not reflect your true self. There cannot be more than one Dan Foster at a time (ask Cool FM). 

I’m not trying to slight anyone through this blog.  I am just canvassing for better OAPs’ on our radio.

13 thoughts on “OAP

  1. January says:

    Hello Mary, thank you for your kind words. Sometimes, I like to deviate from serious financial stuffs and just focus on amusinf things that make us proudly Nigerian.

  2. funke says:

    first u dont want them to sound american
    then u criticise them when they use lingua

    make up your mind

    and its not ‘jenifa’
    for those of us that know tosyn (and not tosin) she has been speaking like that for AGES!
    u just got to know her so stop complaining

    i always wonder tho, if u dont like the oap, why not just change the dial


    • January says:

      Hello Funke, of course I love Tosyn Bucknor. I don’t have a problem with her and I am not complaining. I was just discussing the improper use of the English Language on the radio these days and how our ‘On Air Personalities’ can change the tide by speaking in the proper norms. We are bound to see things from a different point of view but come to a compromise in the middle.

  3. chika says:

    I don’t think you understand that presenters have their own style, better use of english or not. meanwhile, its our own way and majority of lagosians can feel her o sha mo. english no be our mother tongue. this is tosyn’s style ….. lets give it to her.

  4. ijebuboy says:

    tosin u made mention of ibadan aop’s and their i wanna gonna. i read in last two weeks next news paper, where a journalist weas complaining about the same i wanna gonna on hot fm, kiss fm and the rest. i think you should come to ibadan now. things have changed tremendously.all in all thank God you admit that aop’s have a great speech and language problem.like dr ekwuazi use to say.if you dont have it,you cant give it.nice one tho.and thanks for introducind me to wordpress

  5. F says:

    Reading some of these comments, looks like we got some people who blindly idol worship for the sake of it… either that or they are the said personalities trawling Google for news about them so they can either toot their own horn or stomp down criticisms, warranted or otherwise… even yet, they could just be people who don’t think others are entitled to their own opinions.

    Whichever the case, I agree wholly with January. Some people should not be allowed near certain objects, like you would snatch a knife from a child, people with poor diction and a distorted sense of speech/communications should NOT be allowed near a radio studio, or any form of microphone for that matter. They sound retarded and they make the rest of us look bad.

  6. shiznit says:

    Hey Jan, really proud of you and ur write up. Time to put an end to the wackness, since I’ve been out of Naija, 93.7 and cool fm are the only stations I have any memory of. The country keeps living like it’s the dark ages.
    Nigeria needs a revolution.

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