“Towards the end of my term at university, my advisor suggested I read ‘Do what you love and the Money Will Follow.’ I didn’t actually read the book, but found the title inspiring enough. I ignored her advice for several years until in 2003 I found myself at a crossroad – either continue down the corporate path that was financially rewarding but soulless or change direction to pursue my passion. I chose passion and have never looked back.” – An excerpt by Mark Weeks

I am at that crossroad right now and for some few months, I’ve been deliberating on the idea to follow my passion by enrolling in short-term courses where I can put to test what I have learnt. I have always been a lover of the arts especially Photography and Interior Design. If I wasn’t working for my present organisation, one industry within this country that needs a lot of innvoation is the industrial and domestic paint industry. The likes of Dulux, CAPL paints require a lot of innovative overhaul to compete effectively within the Nigerian market.

This summer, I’m enrolling for a short-term course in ‘Digital Photography and Photoshop’ at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, United Kingdom. From my perspective, this is the only time in life where I can dedicate time, finance and mental resources to pursue one of my major interests in life. At least, i’ll be able to look back and consider this event as a major turning point for other things I want to do very soon. Besides, I have also been considering pulling out of the work force by aplying for a one year unpaid sabbatical. I need this time away from a rewarding career to really test run some of my ideas and make it a success. From my perspective there’s really no time like the present to explore and make use of the talent God has bestowed on an individual.

5 thoughts on “Passion

  1. N.zeit says:

    I pray all goes well. May you finish your course and pursue your dreams with full vigor. God is with you:)

  2. coseclinic says:

    It’s never too late to discover yourself. You never know what you may discover deep within your reserves. Love reading your blog. Fight on!

  3. F says:

    I believe whatever you put your heart and mind to, you’ll succeed at. Sure things might start slow, and you’ll have to make a lot of sacrifices, but if you see it through, in the end, it will be worth every drop of sweat.

    Wish you all the best, 🙂

    PS. Maybe we can hook up sometime, 🙂

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