Books and more Books!

One of my favourite past time is reading novels. From inspirational to downright silly and amusing stories, I love to read them all. Reading is one of the cheapest way to travel around the world. Recently, there’s been this buzz about a movie titled “Confessions of A Shopaholic”. I had not seen that movie yet but I was told it was adapted from a book. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a downloaded version of the book on my younger sister’s laptop. 

If you are a lover of books and you’d like to read contemporary books without going through the hassle of buying it, then I’ve got a secret to share with you. I would suggest you visit Just type in the name of the author and voila, all the books authored by the author are displayed on the screen. You can start downloading each book right away. Saves ‘money don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Books and more Books!

  1. F says:

    Ooooh, books. 🙂 Yeah, I read COAS by Sophie Kinsella, I’m a collector of the shopaholic series, they are utterlly laugh out loud funny. I don’t think I’ll break my neck trying to watch the movie though, usually adaptations don’t do enough justice to the books due to the dumbing down effect.

    I’ll ,heck out the site… thanks for sharing, 🙂

    But you know there’s something about a books that’s so portable, convenient and real… as if that’s how it should be. Or maybe I’m old fashioned, hehe… Plus I tend to read in the loo whilie I’m doing number two… it’s gonna be hard doing that from a laptop, hehehe… OK, I’ve spoken too much. Shutting up now.

    Been a while, eh? Hopie ur alright. Missed ya, 🙂

  2. january says:

    Ha F!. ….just got back from the U.K. it’s really been a while. Trust you are alright. How’s the fashion business going? I wanted to email you while I was in Leicester this summer but I guess I was a bit timid about invading your personal space. Yeah, you are right about the old fashioned way of reading books. You know…i bought some few books at WHSmith this summer and I really have missed the feel of thumbing through the pages of these books. I intend to come back in November for my final exams and for sure, i’ll be invading your personal space this time around. take care

  3. january says:

    F….You won’t miss anything by not watching the film…it was quite crappy…it was a mix of Shopaholic Takes Manhattan and Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was poorly done and I was so livid that I couldn’t bear the torture any longer. I had to revert to the book. I have read The Time Traveller’s wife….i don’t know if the film will live up to expectation. I don’t think i want to find out.

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