God Bless and Keep your Soul Michael

I am an ardent fan of Michael Jackson and will always love him. Though, there have been alleged reports of illicit drug use, I admire this iconic legend a lot for his unparalled talent, entrepreneurial skills and his endless donations to children charities around the world. He was more than just a musical legend, he had global appeal. I’m yet to see a child prodigy who has lasted as long as Michael has lasted on the music scene.

For the past one week, a lot of media publications and audiences have attempted to get into the ‘King of Pop’s head’ to analyse his life psychologically. However, from my own point of view, I’m angry at those who have put themselves in a position of judgement over his life. Granted he may have been anorexic, suffering from dysmophobia and other illnessess, but, what I feel about him is a great sadness for the kind of childhood he had. For a man who started his singing career from the age of five, he never asked for the fame and all the attention. It was thrust upon him without his consent as a result of his father’s resolve to milk the family’s cash cow.

I don’t know of how many people who have lost their childhood due to their parent’s foolishness, stupidity and utter ignorance about that magical phase in a child’s life where, your imagination can take you to so many places. I can imagine what he must have gone through and I think it’s a miracle he lasted this long. I can identify with his need to reconnect unsuccessfully with his childhood. Most of us lost our childhood at an earlier age than we envisaged. I lost mine at the age of eight when my dad came back from overseas and I saw another side of life, I never imagined. Over the years, I have tried to reconnect with that lost time but what has kept me sane is the memories I have between the ages of four till seven when it was just my mum and us. Those days were special times in our lives and I will always be grateful to my Mum for giving us that kind of magical childhood.

There are still so many things I would like to say about this great legend, whom we’re all mourning across the world and even in the remotest parts, but, I think it’s time to let him finally rest and take a well deserved break from the tortous and lonely life he lived. Adieu Michael!

One thought on “God Bless and Keep your Soul Michael

  1. F says:

    Yes the world has lost a great man, yet somehow I’m too cynical for his death to have any real impact on me. I’m numb… just as numb as I was when Obama became the ‘first Black president’. Maybe there’s something wrong with me…. What I share with you though, is people saying all sorts of things after his death. The man is dead and gone, leave it already and just appriecate the good he did.

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