I read it somewhere that ‘if you not satisfied with your current situation, create the kind of situation you want‘. In otherwords, take charge of your life and create your own future.  Often times, I have griped on this blog about the unnecessary politics and ass licking within the organization I work for. Honestly, I have had it up to here with such a superficial set up. So in 2009, I had one or two objectives I hoped to accomplish. One of these was to start my own business, conclude my MBA program and move on to other personal issues such as starting a family. So, this is eleven months down the line, and I was just thinking how time has gone and how closer I have come to accomplishing these goals.

One of the few things I did was to stick a post-it-note on the walls of my wardrobe or closet, itemising those things I wanted to accomplish. The business idea I started out with eventually did not sail through because I did not have the kind of money I actually required. Which left me thinking of other things I could do. I still intend to resurrect that particular business idea in the long term. One of the few people who really inspired me is my blogger friend Nan,  cos she has gone through a lot of emotional upheavals during the year and was able to start her design business. You can click on the link above to place orders (she resides in the U.K and can only take orders within).

I have always been interested in manufacturing and therefore, went in search of a product that could give me the leverage I needed. I was successful and stumbled on a Canadian company that was manufacturing a product that every woman needs on a daily basis. I approached them and was lucky enough to have been given the distribution rights for Africa. This did not happen overnight, it involved a series of relationship and trust building between the supplier and myself over a period of 12 months (since October 2008). It’s a new product and I was involved throughout the design process. The first set of products have been shipped and I’m expecting it by next week hopefully.

While we were going through the design process, I approached Shoprite Nigeria and South Africa, selling the benefits and huge margins on this brand. I sent in a proposal and Shoprite Nigeria has agreed to start stocking the brand come January 2010 while talks are still ongoing with Shoprite South Africa.

Why am I saying all these? Are you unhappy with your present job or is it a family situation you need to get out of?Please believe in yourself cos no one will ever do if you doubt your God-given abilities. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything cos you can. Just refuse to give in and accept all the negative comments from family and friends. Stand up on a daily basis, look at yourself in the mirror and demand from Life what you want. If  you don’t demand and believe, you just might not get it. But if you do, then the sky is just the beginning.

Have a wonderful weekend peeps!

2 thoughts on “Yipee!

  1. Nan says:

    Amen to the last paragraph! We all have the power to change our lives.You’ve always been an inspiration to me, Jan, and I’m so happy things are working out for you. Starting up is always slow, and often painful. But if one sticks to it success is inevitable, you are proof of that and your blog has been an immense motivation. Capital seems to be one of the major stumbling blocks in any new business though. One does learn to diversify. Can’t wait for your product to finally hit the shelves!
    Thanks for blowing some of your star dust my way. Much appreciated, 🙂

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