I would like to start by wishing readers of this blog ‘Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year’. I would also like to doff my hats to the hardworking men of the Lagos State Fire Service and Governor Fashola. As I was leaving for Ibadan yesterday, along Ikorodu Road, Obanikoro to be precise, a commuter bus caught fire, and you needed to have seen these fire fighting officers, battling to put out the fire. For the very first time, I saw a fully equipped fire force and water, oh yes! WATER was gushing out with full force, enough to extinguish the near disaster that could have occurred.

Events like this keeps my hope alive for a better Nigeria. No one can save this country except we all join forces and decide to put a stop to the madness that occurs around us on a daily basis.

It’s bad enough that we’re rated as a nation of fraudsters but adding terrorists to our ever growing list of negative perceptions is just appalling. I finally settled down to read the news about that Nigeria young man who decided to blow up a plane heading to Detroit. For the first time, I saw his picture. I mean, he’s so young, innocent, naive and can’t be more than 20years from what I saw.
How did he become involved in things like terrorism? What the heck was he thinking? A shot at 5minute fame or a chance at PlayStation reality game show? I wonder how a promising young man could have allowed himself to be used for something sinister. If you’re thinking his motive was money, it was not cos according to newspaper reports, he’s from a wealthy family and attended some of the best schools in Africa. Learnt his father is the chairman of First Bank of Nigeria.

We live in an information age where there is free access to all kinds of information (beneficial and non-beneficial). As parents, we need to be more involved in our childrens lives so that we can impart the right information. In today’s world, I’m not a big supporter of sending children to boarding schools where they can be influenced by wrong elements. This type of outlandish behaviour did not erupt suddenly, it started way back in school. If his parents had taken enough care to monitor him, they would have nipped it in the bud before this national disgrace happened. From experience, money is not everything.

Love, care and proper attention are what our children require to become responsible and law abiding citizens of any nation. It’s so sad and it simply breaks my heart cos I believe he was trying to get the attention of his parents but he chose the wrong route.

2 thoughts on “Impressionable!

  1. Nan says:

    It’s really sad, Jan. Thank God nobody died. I saw his picture too; young, handsome, and unfortunately, misguided. The first thing I said when I heard about it was Nigerians don’t need this kind of profiling right now. It’s bad enough you’re flagged down for carrying a green passport, to now add potential terrorist to the already damaging perception just makes things worse for everybody. Even my non-Nigerian Muslim friends have been very bitter as well. He managed to make things worse for everyone.

    Kudos to Gov. Fash. I must confess, I was skeptical in the beginning. But from what I saw before I left, and from what people have been saying, Lagos IS really changing. If only we had 35 more of him!

    • January says:

      Sad isn’t it? Well, he’ll be spending most of his productive years behind bars. that should teach him a lesson. Ha! Governor Fashola, yes oooooo, 2011 is around the corner, we need more credible leaders like him.

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