Public Toilets

A necessary evil you might say depending on your job profile. For those of us who are marketers and sales people, it’s a convenience you cannot do without on a daily basis. Sometimes, the toilets in my office might not be in a proper state of cleanliness for some days. To ease myself, I would make do by dashing off to the nearest hotel or fast food outlets.  

Even at its cleanest, I’ve never been able to establish skin contact with the toilet seat. I’m a bit wary about toilet disease out there such as ‘Demartitis’ – which causes skin irritation around the buttocks and upper thighs leading to painful and itchy skin eruptions if not treated properly. Often, I slouch or apply strip of paper around the toilet seat before I can use it. So, while I was out today, I came across an innovative product for doing the public toilet thingy. It’s a product called ‘TOLETTA’. I spotted it at Cran Pharmacy, Ibadan and had to buy a pack for myself. I learnt its’for women who are tired of crouching, using strips of toilet paper, or trying to use cheap and flimsy paper toilet seat covers, to protect themselves from germs.

Inside the pack are 5pcs of folded tissue paper (a bit thicker than your usual tissue paper, designed in the form of a toilet seat). You unfold the paper and spread it over the toilet seat. This ensures that your skin does not touch the seat. Which is a blessing and quite innovative for women and men alike. For a man using a public toilet, you still have to contend with the occassional splash, which can lead to other degenerative disease.

I would definitely be buying this product again once I exhaust what I’m currently using. It’s a life saver for life’s expected emergencies.

On a lighter note, when using these public toilets, do you take note of the scribblings on the door? From people in search of financial assistance to those seeking for Sugar Mommies and Daddies, the list is endless. A higher percentage of these scribblings come from those wishing to render sexual services in return for a standard fee and what amuses me is the boldness these individuals exhibit by scribbling their phone numbers on the door. I mean, what are we turning into?

2 thoughts on “Public Toilets

  1. Nan says:

    Thanks for sharing this Jan. Using public restrooms has always been a nightmare for me with or without the Naija factor (don’t let me get carried away with my sh*t woes, lol). At least with something like this it cuts the worry in half.

    My other fear is the backlash effect. You know when you drop the kids off at the pool, and some of the water splashes back onto your bum? Yeah, that too scares the life out of me. Especially because I have to pile up tissue in the bowl so as to eliminate the splashing effect and at the end of the day the whole mess doesn’t go down in one flush. Then I have to hang around until it refills before flushing again.

  2. January says:

    Ha!!! i understand about the backlash effect. What I do for now…once i’ve placed the Toletta tissue on the toilet seat covers, i also use another tissue to stop the particular effect of backlash. I also hate to hang around waiting until it refills…so, i reduce the amount of tissue used within the toilet bowl…how was the weekend?

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