Always 8 Hours No check- Please do check, check

I recently saw the T.V. ad for Always Sanitary Towels. It was quite fresh and innovative using school girls to reinforce the ‘No Check, Check’ tagline. I have also seen this campaign at convenience and grocery stores located within the metropolis.

I think this tagline is more appropriate for women with light menstrual flow. For women with heavier menstrual flow (such as me), please do check, check and check often as you can. I have used all the various Always sanitary pads that have evolved over the years within Nigeria. However, this new sanitary pads ain’t working for me. Oftentimes, I have to go about with four individual wrapped packs. I also have to contend with rushing to the nearest convenience every two hours due to my heavy menstrual flow. I assume the functionality of the wings is to protect the panties but it affords little or no protection.

Most times, you’ll find me sitting in my car with a stack of paper on my seat trying to prevent irremovable blood stains. Friends have suggested that I opt for the thicker pads but I shudder at the thought. Imagine wedging such a bulky thingy in my personal regions, i’d have to assume a particular walking gait throughout my monthly cycles. Trust me, I have tried it before and it was uncomfortable. I’d really prefer if P&G can be more innovative with sanitary pads for women with heavy flow. It would put an end to countless trips to the toilets; asking a friend to check my behind and stop the endless mental cursing that occurs if you are unfortunate to be on a field visit and you cannot find a convenient place to change your towels.

For now, I’ll check, check and check all day long.

15 thoughts on “Always 8 Hours No check- Please do check, check

  1. Nan says:

    I’ve always said those Always pads are ridiculous, thank God someone else shares my sentiments. Those ultra pads are glorified panty liners! They can’t soak up anything if their lives depended on it. I only use them for support at night so I don’t stain my bed or towards the end of my period when it’s just staining and not much bleeding. You’re right, they’re only good for women with very light flow. For me, on a good period day I go through three or four thick pads.

    And the thick pads are not that bad, you should give them a try, for peace of mind… not those maternity type monstrosities, but the ones they usually advertise for ‘night time’ or ‘heavy flow’. I’m used to them, there are techniques. Firstly, make sure your panty is very tight. That keeps it close to your body so you don’t have that bulging lump at the back and it also reduces the risk of it shifting when you move. Secondly, (and I discovered this just two months ago!) after applying the pad to your panties, wedge it in-between your thighs and the in-between your bum cheeks as you pull it up… it really helped decrease my paranoia because it stays right there, even when I move around. It’s inconvenient the first few hours (or days, depending on how sensitive you are) but you quickly get used to it.

    I don’t know how you feel about tampoons? Have you ever tried them?

    • Jan says:

      Bad ass chick!! I laughed my head off when I read your review. Tampons? I tried it once in Secondary School and never got the hang of it. Half of the tampon got stuck midway and I ended up walking awkwardly throughout the day. I haven’t tried it again. I will try out your option and give a feedback… on how I fared. lol

    • nelly says:

      I tot I was the only one the always pad is useless as far as I am concerned for heavy flow.i just get stained in matter of minutes. The dear old cotton ladysept remains the best but however because they dont have the rubber protection underneath as the mordern pads I usually stick on a winged always or lady care pad as panty liners and then place the cotton ladysept on top. That way my heavy flow is contained for a few hours and I am not in danger of getting embarrassing stains like I do when I use the alway brand pad. Really P&G could do better for women with heavy flow.

  2. Chiamaka says:

    Mine is not a reply but pls i’m doing a project on advert used: ‘check check’. Pls can i get connected wit always pad office or the agency that did that advert. Please it’s very important. Please reply

    • Jan says:

      Hello Chiamaka, the Always sanitary towel is manufactured by Procter and Gamble. I’d suggest you google “Procter and Gamble Nigeria” to obtain all necessary contact details. Wish you the very best on your project.

  3. Morenike says:

    I was so happy to read the first comment as i was beginning to wonder if i was the only one suffering with those thin winged pads that do absolutely no justice. i used to double up with the thick ones in the green cover (without wings) – super, like 8 in the pack remember? and i loved them but i noticed its gone out of the market… i wonder why? my only reasoning was that maybe werent loving it as much as i was hence the removal…
    please, does anyone know of a brand thats matches up to that one? and /or why it left the market?

    • Jan says:

      You’re absolutely right. Current towels in the Market do no justice for women with heavy flows. I don’t know why the green variant was withdrawn from the Market but it’s a case of not listening to customers, which most companies often do.

      I’m yet to come across a perfect substitute that can deliver for women with heavy flows but once I do, will let you know. My gripe with the current Always pack is the number of packs I have to buy for a five day period (2-3 packs) every month is a lot of spend.

  4. kenAngel says:

    Am a guy, I dnt use always pad but I love it. Maybe its bcos I have sisters and a girlfriend, I sometimes walk into a supermarket and buy always pad for them.! 3months ago I was holding always pad in my hands when a great idea jumped into my head. A project that would put u at the top spot in Africa and the rest of the world.
    Project name: A.W.A.A
    (A.W.A.A) is empowering the women for a greater future and trusting in always pad. Email me to get the full gist.
    Or contect me on 08163186358 or 08058682742

  5. motunrayo says:

    Nyc.tank goodness I ve people u also feel d same way I feel, there was d veri embarrassing scene I witnessed dis cute lady was joggin down d street to get sumtin dis was how her pad fell down,aw embarrassing dat seemed for her.don’t tink it was d fault of d pad,maybe it was how she wore it,personally I just started using always ultra n d experience as bin sumtin else,d truth is always ultra pad is fair, buh for we wit heavy flow we are stil consumers wit should fit in d production plan I usually mix my pads jus to be sure of the right one I basically use tampoons,menstral cup n pad which has helped me a lot.P&G consumers with heavy flow are appealing to u,pls meet our demands.

  6. ibadan says:

    I very much concurred with the statements…….You have to check and check, check, check and check…infact the present Always is just not functioning.

  7. Edidiong Aaron says:

    The best thing for the company producing always pad to do is to change the rubber surface of the pad to cotton. rubber surface pad is harmful to humans, right from tender age we were taught to wear cotton pant,how then will I use a rubber pad surface while menstruating,the company should look at their competitors because they are taking over the market. It’s a Free advice from a customer

  8. blaznbeau says:

    On my bed at 4am writing this, the new always for heavy flow is a joke! Just 3 hours in and I ha d a lot of laundry to do if u get what I mean.why can’t these companies make pads good enough for those with heavy flow, I always thought the customers mattered. Guess I’d be giving tampons a shot, who has tried it? Please would love some review, better still which pad with wings is the best for heavy flow please?

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