Cool2Vote Nigeria

When I say that we have reached a tipping point in this country, I am not joking. 70% of our population consists of youth aged 18 – 33years. Previous generations have failed us. We cannot afford to fail upcoming generations and our children. The time to take our destiny into our own hands is now or never.

We have been born in a time where the world has recorded great advancement in technological breakthroughs. Collectively let us use the changing face of available media to evoke the positive changes we desire. Nan, remember I spoke about setting up a facebook page to ginger change. However, I have stumbled on this initiative titled “COOL2VOTE” set up by like minded individuals who are bent on effecting change through the power of our collective votes. We can do it and yes we can set the ball rolling. Please  this is no time for idle chats, popping champagne, or rollercoasting while our future is at stake.

Remember the changes and development that have attracted a lot of global widespread attention within our music and film industries? Who drove these changes? We- the youths of this country. If we could effect this for sectors within this country, how much more the political climate? I have hope for this country. You and I have a responsibility to deliver on this great promise. 2011 is around the corner…don’t wait for the world to change. Be a part of that change. Stand up, Be counted, get Registered and let your Vote Count. If you would like to volunteer your services for this organisation, please send a mail to:

Join “Cool2Vote Nigeria” on facebook and let’s start the journey towards a better country.

Remember “No Vote, No Swag”. Peeps, we can do it. Raise the consciousness.

2 thoughts on “Cool2Vote Nigeria

  1. Nan says:

    I’m always happy to see action oriented like minded individuals. I’ve already signed up! All it takes is a few people to get the ball rolling, and I’m looking forward to see where this cyber revolution takes us.

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