Lagos State Fire Service

I listened to ‘Kubanji Direct’ on 102.3FM (Radio Continental) tonight. I had the pleasure of listening to an interactive interview with the Director of the ‘Lagos Fire Service’. I was impressed with the level of indepth knowledge displayed by the Director. He spent about 15 minutes educating us on fire types and what kind of fire fighting devices most homes in Nigeria require.

For residents of Lagos, the Lagos State Fire Service is just a call away. A house or office complex on fire, please pick up your phone immediately and call the following numbers: 767 or 112. It’s absolutely free and you will not be charged for placing this call. Just in case you’re wondering ‘what if I have zero balance on my phone’ will I be able to make this call? Yes you can, it’s toll free (absolutely free). If you’re also wondering what the charges may be for putting out a fire by the Fire Service? Please note that this organization is a social service firm, and you’re not required to pay for such services. It’s completely free.  So, next time there’s a fire disaster within your neighbourhood, no need to panic. Pick up your phone and call. The Lagos State Fire Service has been overhauled with new equipments.

My people, Eko o ni baje oooo…..

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