Travel Documentary Scholarship 2010 – And the winner is…


World Nomads received 178 quality entries for this year’s Documentary Scholarship. Winning stories took us on an exciting journey around the world to places like Africa, India, Alaska, South America, South East Asia and Papua New Guinea. We were also invited into your backyards to learn about the people and communities in your local neighborhood.
But…..we only have one space booked on the amazing adventure to Ecuador, so one winner had to be selected! Thank you to everyone who entered, particularly those who were shortlisted, your stories are very powerful.

A big congratulations to our winner – Mohamed Soliman from Cairo!

Winner: Mohamed Soliman- Forgetting the Past

Judge’s comments: One of the hardest aspects of making a documentary is to get your subjects to open up to you and drop the facade that people often put on in front of camera.  Mohamed did this wonderfully.  His subject David seems honest and sincere as he recalls his tragic story.  The visuals gave a great sense of place and enhanced the tone of the piece without being overly complicated and detracting from the rawness of the story being conveyed.  A great doco that conveys an amazing amount of story and emotion in such a short space of time.

Runners Up (equal placing)

Eliza Capai – African Women

Judge’s comments: African Woman was a visual feast with a clever narrative device that tackled an enormous subject in a clever and engaging style. It was great to see such grand ambitions for such a short amount of screen time.

Tanner Brandt- An Experience with The Bookery

Judge’s comments: An Experience with the Bookery was inspiring short that took an interesting subject and told the story in well paced and visually interesting style.  It was a great effort from a filmmaker with enormous potential.

The Shortlist (in alphabetical order)

Paul Bischoff – Violin to Ehru

Angela Buhr

Ryan Chapman – A Game of Two Halves

David Elkins – Anaktuvuk

Francesca Gentile – Female Genital Mutilation in Sierra Leone

Nicia Griljava – Lost Mexico

Rob Henry

Elyse Hickey- Beyond Smiles

Alice Holden – Jacob’s Ankylosing Spondylitis Documentary

Riley Hooper – Seed to Plate- A Garden Story

Niall Johansson – The Fisherman

Belle Keynes – Yam I Am

Daniel Mandic – Bangladesh

Qween Martins – Spoons

Victor Ponce – Respira

Saleem Reshamwala – Cell Phone Silk Road

Aaron Rockett – Thug Life

Diego Tipacti – Left Ashore

Amber Todd – Local Encounters

Andres Toro – Dying Currents

Derek Turner – Local Encounters

Chris Stone – Where the Clouds Come From

Paulette Waltz – Romansi and his Boat

Louie Young – A Film Inspired by Home

Wei Zheng- Nguni Cattle Farming in South Africa

Congratulations to you all, and thank you for sharing your important stories with us. We look forward to seeing your entries next year!

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