The Scam called NDLEA

I am appalled at our degenerate state within this country. I was on my way to the office today and while listening to Star 101.5 FM, a caller sent in a text regarding the recent recruitment exercise conducted by NDLEA (National Drug, Law and Enforcement Agency). This individual complained about the inactive state of the website and how difficult it was to submit necessary data.

I was astounded when Moyo Oyatogun (OAP) stated that she actually came across a notice posted by NDLEA, on the national network (NTA) which denounced the so called recruitment exercise. What this means is that at no time did NDLEA post a notice concerning recruitment. If you have applied for this recruitment exercise, do note that a great scam has just been perpetrated by some unscrupulous individuals. I feel so sad for the large number of applicants who had paid N1,500 each at our various banks.

How come people get away with all manners of fraudulent activities? Where did these individuals obtain all the necessary documentation they presented at the banks. For a recruitment exercise that has been ongoing for the past one month, why did it take the NDLEA such a long time to post a rejoinder? Pheewww..this is a puzzlement.

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