Moving To The Next Step

I have been in Lagos for the past three weeks trying to come to terms with my new environment. Is it challenging? Yes it is but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Obstacles are meant to be overcome though I would have preferred less chaotic traffic situation but i’m learning to adapt. However, the most interesting aspect is the kind of opportunities that have come my way.

I guess one of the reason people say ‘Lagos is the nations’ commercial nerve centre’ is centred around so many things and events unfolding have proved this common saying right. In two weeks time from now, i’ll be attending a session on ‘Exporting Goods to the United States’ under the AGOA act anchored by the Bank of Industry. If you have any enquiries you’d like me to make on your behalf, do send in your questions. I’ll try to attend to each and every questions raised.

Have a fun filled weekend.

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