Chic Republic

I was invited to a brunch by a group of friends around 2p.m yesterday. On getting there, I observed how most women (mine being the exception) invited, wore suits for an informal affair. I’m of the firm opinion that every woman needs a couple of dresses in their wardrobes or closets whichever applies. Its’ also mind boggling the amount of money ladies spend on these suits. It could serve as my wardrobe budget for two years.

Today I’m introducing “Chic Republic” which aims to address this niche for women across Africa who love dresses and are desirous of unique pieces. Chic Republic is located within the heart of Lagos and accepts orders from women within Africa. I really loved the pieces I saw this morning.

You can place your order by clicking on the following link:

First 25 customers to place an order receive a 5% discount off their purchase. Do note that delivery takes 10 – 15 days only.

Ciao and have a fun filled weekend.

Note: This is a sponsored post

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