The Monthlies

Last year I wrote about the failure of Procter & Gamble Always Sanitary pads in addressing heavy menstrual flow for women who are affected by this. I’m a sufferer of this situation every month and the only reprieve I have now is nine months due to a life growing inside me.

Anyway, I’ve been checking online to see if there are other women in my situation and these were the responses I saw. It’s hilarious but sad at the same time.

On day 2 and 3, they get extremely heavy. At night, I wear 40-41cm pads that are ultra thick (kotex and whisper) and put a towel underneath. But somehow, it ALWAYS leaks through! Yes, through the pad, undie, pants, and towel. It gets all over my sheets and sometimes on my mattress.. (I apologize for being so blunt but really..) Maybe it’s because I sleep on my side.. but I’ve tried sleeping on my back. I always flip over again while I’m asleep. = =
I don’t think I wanna try tampons either..
Oh and I’ve tried wearing another 28 cm pad sideways in the back with the 40 cm one. It helps a bit, but still gets on my pants. Help please?
Your best option is to also use tampons, at least during the night.
I always use double protection during those months when my period is heavier.
As in a super tampon & big night pads. Might work dear? :)Tampons can safely be used for 8-9 hours at a time, so you can just put one in when you go to sleep & change it in the morning. The pad will most likely prevent any morning leakage if the tampon is full. If you’re a virgin, the smaller tampons might be better at first until you’ve learned how to put them in properly.
I wear 2 CVS or Rite Aid brand pads and 2 pairs of black panties for the first 3 days of my period. I wear one pair of panties with a pad on top of the other and I never have any leaks.

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