BNatural Spa Review

A friend invited me out over the weekend for a girlie treat at a Spa located in Maryland. Somehow, I never got there cos I had a gift card for BNatural Spa and I decided to give my younger sister and moi a treat.

So I called up this casual acquaintance and asked if she could meet us up at Oduduwa Way, Ikeja GRA. I’ve always had the perception that their services would be expensive but how wrong I was.

I chose the something pedicure (can’t remember the name now. Something fancy). Oh it was an exquisite experience. They had this wonderful massage chair that could wring out the knacks from the body & bum. It was completely divine and simply scrumptious.




That’s the picture of the Filipino lady who treated me like royalty. I mean the whole place is completely swarming with Filipinos. How they got them into the country, I don’t know but they do a good heck of a pedicure, manicure and leg waxing.

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