The Emerging Face of Ghanian Films

It’s no longer news that DSTV has upgraded the content and added new channels to cater for lovers of African cinema. What’s not news however is the quality of the films that are being curned out within the continent.

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity of watching the following films; Bursting Out (An Emem Isong Production) and A Sting of A Tale and Perfect Picture (A Shirley Frimpong Manso production).

I know most people are of the opinion that Gene is an outstanding actress but everytime i’ve watched her films, i’ve always gotten the impression that she’s emotionally detached from her roles. To me she always puts up a cold front and I’m yet to see the script or watch a film that will bring out the warmth in her cos she’s got a lots of fire but hasn’t got the right platform to showcase it. In ‘Ije’ I saw a little bit but I still want more from her. Maybe her role as ‘Ms Adebayo’ in Chimamanda’s ‘Half of A Yellow Sun’ will showcase her warmer depths.

For the movies, ‘Perfect Picture’ and ‘A Sting of A Tale’, they were outstanding films. The dialogue was witty and short and the actors also made perfect use of their body language and facial expressions to carry the audience along. So we didn’t have to really on comical relief that does not tie in with the film (which was what I saw on ‘Bursting Out’ which had a lot of corny dialogues and scenes the producer could have done without).  The scenery and sound production was of utmost quality and I felt I was watching a ‘Tunde Kelani’ or ‘Kunle Afolayan’ film. Shirley Frimpong has done exquisite work with these films. For anyone who’s yet to watch these two films, do make it a date to see them whenever you can.

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