Today, I stumbled on an article useful for small businesses within Nigeria. This information is useful for entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing an online presence where their respective clients can pay for goods and services. I have also been on a lookout for e-commerce options for my website and GTPay looks like what I can afford right now.

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What is InterSwitch about? According to their website:

InterSwitch Limited is an electronic transaction switching and payment processing company with a business footprint that covers the provision of shared, integrated message broker solutions for financial transactions, e-commerce, telecoms value-added services and e-billing in the Nigerian environment.

Most of the local debit/ATM cards issued in Nigeria are linked to the InterSwitch network about 9 million cards. 23 out of the 25 banks in Nigeria linked to the InterSwitch network and issue InterSwitch-backed cards as well. One can thus understand the huge potential for any web merchant that accepts payment from InterSwitch cards, via the Internet. Nigeria has an official population of about 140 million and this shows that there is a big possibility that the number of InterSwitch cards will increase even further.

The product from InterSwitch that enables web merchants to accept payment online in real-time from InterSwitch cardholders…

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