Keeping & Maintaining your Real hair during harmattan

Yeah I know…I’ve never been one to write about hair or beauty matters but in the mood of the festive season, I decided to share my thoughts on hair maintenance cum product review. So this is what my hair length looks like now. I’ve not been the type to indulge in braiding, twists or weaves because I have a scalp that is quite sensitive to any nature of hair that’s not mine. So I end up with an hairstyle which only lasts for 2weeks before removing it.

Over the course of 10years, I’ve cut my hair thrice in the style below:

A lot of people have told me that it must be my genes that’s given me such fabulous hair. However I differ on that note cos I’m of the opinion that it’s due to the constant and consistent maintenance procedures I have adopted over the years that has been responsible for my hair growth consisting of the following but not limited:

  • Constant scalp massages
  • Steaming twice a month which has become a weekly routine now
  • Avoiding hair styles that pulls at my hairlines
  • Moisture, moisture and more moisture
  • Opting for sulphate free shampoo, moisturizing & a protein deep conditioner
  • Avoiding flat irons, blow dryers
  • Opting for protein treatment
  • Opting for wide tooth combs against tail combs
  • Learning to speak up at Naija salons on any perceived mis treatment of my hair (I don’t really care if the salon is Bobby’s or not as I’ve come to know that a lot of the stylists who work within these so called salons don’t know a fig about hair maintenance)
  • Dusting or trimming my hair myself instead of leaving it at the mercy of these ignorant stylists
  • Relaxing new growth 3 times in a year

One major change to my hair routine has also been the use of ‘Jamaican Black Castor Oil‘.

I have used it consistently. Does it work? Sure it does. My hair has become denser and thicker since I commenced use. I have since ditched all my hair pomades. However please note that castor oil is thick and should be used sparingly on your scalp and to coat your hair ends which are exposed on a daily basis. If you’ve got receding hairlines, then it’s time to start using castor oil. It’s imperative that you use castor oil as an hot oil treatment during the harmattan season to avoid breakage and weak ends.

Compliments of the season peeps!

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