Books, Books and more Books

historical-fiction-booksMy favorite pastime is reading books. Nothing too serious though, only historical, chic lit and contemporary romance. When I was living in Ibadan, you could always find me at Booksellers in Jericho, buying stacks of novels. I also made an habit of buying books during vacations overseas. I believe it improves your diction and it’s like taking a holiday as well when you can immerse yourself in a different world.

Overtime I lent friends and family these books and never got them back. It usually gets lost and that’s money down the drain. Anyway once I moved back to Lagos, it was a bit hard getting the kind of books I loved. So I resorted to searching for novels to download online via 4shared and other sites that allowed anyone to download free books. Fast forward 2 years later and these options are limited now due to copyright issues involved.

So I was happy when a friend introduced me (Lagos, brace yourself for this) to Nigeria‘s foremost digital bookstores known as ‘BOOKATI‘ . The owners of this bookstore offer a wide range of contemporary and historical romance for lovers of this genre. The beauty of the service offered is the ease at which you can purchase a book as a digital download instead of the physical thing. So what did I order for? I placed an order for the following novels displayed below. I paid N500 ($3.13) for each book and my purchase was sent to my email box as a PDF file which I downloaded immediately and commenced reading. Were the books worth it? Oh definitely.

9780062068637_p0_v1_s114x166 9780062107381_p0_v1_s260x420 9780062021731_p0_v1_s260x420

Would I recommend their services to a friend? Yes and yes I would. On their facebook page, old novels are sold at the rate of N500 ($3.13) while current release go for N1,000 ($6.25). For lovers of audio books, there’s a flat rate of N2,000 ($12.50) charged.

Readers can provide a review of their favorite books and authors. Well what are you waiting for. Visit BOOKATI today to renew your love for books. The innovative thing about this is they are not restricted to a location or place. So whether you’re in Ghana, South Africa, Angola, Kenya or any part of Africa, you can place your orders at once. I’m stacking up on my Christmas reading list already.

Merry Christmas peeps!!!

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