Washing my hair without tangling

My wash day usually starts on Friday night. I start by basing my scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and the entire length of my hair. Before basing my scalp, I divide my hair into four sections. Once my hair has been covered with castor oil, I tuck the ends in and cover my hair with a shower cap.


Off to bed to sleep. When I wake up in the morning, I remove the shower cap and dilute my sulfate & sodium chloride free Ion Shampoo with water. Then I pour the diluted shampoo directly on my scalp while making sure I gently massage & run my hands over my scalp. It’s important to note that during the washing process, I don’t wash my hair strands just the scalp only.


Once I’m done washing,I apply my tea rinse which is a mix of black & green tea (2 tea bags only, boiled and left to steep for 30 minutes). I cover my hair with my shower cap and leave the tea rinse in my hair for an hour.



After an hour, I rinse out the tea and apply my Ion Smoothing conditioner for five minutes before rinsing.

Then I mix two spoons of Roux Porosity Control, Vitale Hair Mayonnaise, grape-seed oil or castor oil together.


I use my hair sprush to apply the deep conditioner mix for an even spread

20130324-184136.jpgthe sprush is the one in the middle.
I leave the deep conditioner for an hour, thirty minutes while I attend to other things so my body heat can generate enough heat to allow deep penetration since I don’t have a steaming cap.

Once time is up, I rinse out the deep conditioner and use an old cotton T-shirt to absorb the water from my hair. I find that using a towel results in tangling. Please note that I don’t rub my hair. After 15mins, I remove the T-Shirt and apply Tresemme Split Hair remedy to my ends while ensuring my hair is divided into four sections. I then apply Elasta QP Moisturizing Butter & Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum to my hair end & roots. I also seal my ends with either castor oil or grape-seed oil. Then I switch on my blow dryer to cool while applying the tension method to dry my hair. Tension method means holding each hair section taut while drying it to straighten my hair lengths.
Voila, I’m done & my hair is fluffy, soft and with an healthy sheen to it. I then run my comb pictured above through my hair resulting in very minimal loss of 5-10 hair strands.
That’s my weekly routine ladies! Let me know how it turns out for you.

Have a fun-filled week.

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