Natural hair anyone



I decided to put up this post on behalf of my beloved niece who’s 2years old. As you can see, she’s got lovely thick & long natural hair which we’ve been grooming since she was a day old. When I used to frequent hair salons, you’d find me cringing when I see mothers fixing weaves for their young female kids or applying relaxers.

For heavens sake, they’re kids and hair regime should not be a tortuous one. You’ll find kids screaming their heads off due to the painful tugging that hair stylists subject them to. So when my sister had her baby girl, we decided we were going to do things differently by applying the same techniques my mum used when we were younger.

These are the products we use on her hair:

20130507-163004.jpg Green tea as a leave-in.

20130507-163103.jpg a mix of Jamaican Black Castor oil & Grape seed oil.

20130507-163220.jpg Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner ( the white transparent bottle on the left beside Komaza Califia).

We’ve grown her hair successfully to arm-pit length as you can see from the picture. Don’t treat your child’s hair carelessly, treat it with utmost care. I see a lot of young girls with bald patches and its really annoying how we treat their crowning glory with such apathy.

If you’re clueless on where to order products for your daughters, send a mail to:

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