Nappy Hair

At 14weeks post relaxer stretch, I’ve got nappy hair now and I’m itching for a touch-up or retouch (as we call it here in Nigeria). Since I’ve committed to a 21week stretch, I really want to see how far I can go. It’s time to invest in a clarifying shampoo to rid my hair of all product build up. I have a bad habit of playing with my hair and edges especially when driving. Once I get into the car, my hand automatically strays to my hair even though its’ in a protective style and I keep twirling and twirling the hair strands for the next 1hour 30minutes till I get home.

Yeah it’s that bad and I’ve got to kick this bad habit to the curb. So I got home last night and took my hair down to moisturize and seal. At 14weeks, I’ve got a lot of new growth and finally I can distinguish it from my texlaxed hair (a post coming up on that). While ordering products for clients, I ordered Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Spray for my new growth so I could handle 3 textures better as seen in the pictures below:

20130505-104620.jpgkomazaline of

The first time I used Komaza Care, I didn’t get the kind of moisturising slip I usually got with leave-in conditioner (either Giovanni leave-in or Elasta QP) and so I kept it at the back of my drawer. Deep conditioning has really aided me in preventing hair breakage cos you can see the line of demarcation where my new growth meets my texlaxed and bone straight relaxed hair. I am yet to incorporate co-washing on a weekly basis to my hair regime cos once I get back from work, I’m usually too tired to do nothing else but moisturize and seal.

The big surprise that I got yesterday when I took my hair down and actually looked at it while trying to determine the new length I’ve got…ding dong…wait for it. Ladies, my new length is currently BSB (below shoulder blade). Furthermore, I’m an inch away from BSL (bra-strap length). I’m really tempted to go for a touch-up but I’ll just have to wait till July (week 1) before doing so. I’m waiting that long cos I’ll be going away for summer vacation in the States and I need my hair to be in top shape for the trip.  Furthermore, I’ve decided to invest in some quality wigs for future hair stretches. So what product has been of great benefit while I’m on this long stretch? None other than Mane N’ Tail Detangler. Honestly anytime I use this product, my hair soaks in all the moisture and my new growth becomes soft and easier to comb. I”ve decided to still keep the Komaza Care till I know how to use it or maybe I’ll do a giveaway (keep your eyes on this page for that).

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