Readers Question

Q: How do I grow my hair to bra strap length for a Nigerian lady?

Ladies, please believe that your hair can grow to any length you desire. I’m a living proof of that. My hair goal for 2013 is MBL (mid-back length) and five months later I’m an inch away from bra strap length. How did I get here? Through patience and treating my hair with utmost care. I also dropped my love for heat and learnt to air dry, deep condition, co-wash and conducted a lot of research online to educate myself.

We often think that the weather overseas helps African American ladies grow their hair but that is quite false. Houston (Texas) has the same weather condition as Nigeria and I saw a lot of African American ladies with long, healthy hair. Growing your hair to whatever length depends on how you treat and nourish your hair. Remember your hair needs moisture to retain length and elasticity.

Q: How often should I mix castor oil to black tea for my hair growth?

You cannot mix castor oil with black tea for faster hair growth. Black tea contains 14-61 mg caffeine. What caffeine does is to block the hair hormone responsible for hair loss – dihydrotestosterone. You use black tea as a rinse before applying your deep conditioner.

Q: Where in Lagos can I buy castor oil packs?
Call 07026364892 or send an email to: to place your order.

To inspire you on your hair journey whether it’s relaxed, texlaxed or natural, check out this video from Shortysweet59 below. She grew her hair from shoulder length to waist length within 1year 10months.

Have a fantastic weekend.

2 thoughts on “Readers Question

  1. AB says:

    I used to think the heat or the sun was a factor in our hair growth
    Until I went to Ghana for uni, and under the famously hot sun in Ghana, the women had such beautiful healthy hair. I started asking questions and I learnt about shea butter, and I learnt that I needed to wrap my hair with a satin scarf before bed (instead of, or at least before the hair net)- and that was just the beginning.

    Cut my hair last year and I’m almost back to my previous length- neck/shoulders- a length that took me almost 4 years to grow. I am a living testimony that with the right care, hair can grow.

    On the moisture tip though, I read that technically, our hair does not need moisture to grow, but it needs moisture to maintain its elasticity, to retain length. Hair that’s not well moisturised may grow- but because it’s so fragile and brittle, it breaks so easily- which in the end really just looks like the hair isn’t growing.

    • Jan says:

      Yeah AB!! that’s the spirit. I used to believe in the heat factor myth till I conducted my research online. I agree that moisture helps in maintaining elasticity to retain length. You’re right about the satin scarf cos I use that every night now and I don’t default on it. I’ve noticed that I’m retaining more length than I ever did and once I stopped visiting the salon, my hair began to transform.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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