Wash Day



1. Pre-pooed with JBCO & Grapeseed oil overnight.
2. Shampooed in sections with diluted Ion Smoothing Sulfate free shampoo.
3. Tea rinsed with green & black tea, leave to dry for 30minutes.
4. Deep conditioned with a mix of ORS Replenishing Conditioner, JBCO, Roux Porosity Control & Vitale Hair Mayonnaise (was running low on ORS).
5. Covered my hair with 2 shower caps for two hours.
6. Rinsed & wrapped a cotton towel around my hair for 30minutes before leaving to air dry.
7. Once my hair was 80% dry, applied Giovanni leave-in conditioner(haven’t used it since I bought it), Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum & sealed my ends with a mix of JBCO & Grapeseed oil.
8. Divided my hair into smaller sections, detangled & applied JBCO on my scalp.

Mane N’ Tail Detangler has been useful in helping me deal successfully with my new growth. As you can see from the picture above, I shed only a few strands. I’ve learnt a lot during this long stretch as my normal stretch is usually 4 months. By adding 5 extra weeks, I’ve learnt to be patient, be generous when applying deep conditioner & making sure every strand from root to tip is saturated. It’s really aided my stretch so far. At the end of this exercise, I’d love to see how much length I’ve retained successfully.

When I commenced my hair journey late 2012, though I stretched for 4 months but I don’t think I’ve retained as much length as I’ve got now as it took me time to establish a regimen that worked for me. Now I’m more adept at these weekly washes & have achieved thickness, volume & length over the course of 8 months. I couldn’t be happier.

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